My top 4 tips for using a sunbed- how to get a bronze, glowing tan.

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My top 4 tips for using a sunbed- how to get a bronze, glowing tan.

Wondering how to build up your sunbed tan? Is it winter and your feeling awfully pale? Maybe you have a big holiday or event coming up and you want to have a glowing tan for it. Maybe you have been using the sunbed for a while now but it seems no matter what you can’t build up a tan. Well, today I will tell you my top 4 tips for how to build up a tan on a sunbed.

Many people think going on a 18 minute sunbed once a week is what is going to make you extremely brown, but what if I told you that your pre sunbed care, your cream, smaller minutes, everything that you wouldn’t think matters is actually one of the biggest things in helping you develop your tan.

Sunbed tip 1!

The smaller the minutes, the darker the tan. Now this might change and might be different for some people, but a lot of people actually say that it doesn’t matter if you go on the bed for a long period of time, but actually if you go on for 3-6 minute sessions around 3 times a week, it is better than going for a 10 minute bed once a week or every second weeks.

For some body’s, especially if your body already has a base than, then longer minutes do work, but if your just starting to tan and trying to build it up, the less minutes also means the less chance of getting burnt!

Sunbed tip 2!

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My top 4 tips for using a sunbed- how to get a bronze, glowing tan.

The next tip is to get a cream for your sunbed is to get a cream that works for you. If you buy a cream it helps to hydrate the skin instead of drying it out in the bed, as moisturised skin can tan quicker and hold a tan for longer.

During the tanning session, our bodies perspire and this can dry the skin. Dry skin reflects light and as dry skin cells shed more frequently, if a shallow tan is developed, it does not last. Using a UV specific sunbed lotion during your session replaces moisture lost to prevent the skin drying out.

I wouldn’t recommend using a tingle cream until your tan has built up and you are used to the sunbed. Here is a list of the creams that I recommend, some may be a little pricy but they are worth it;
-2btanned watermelon gel.
-Australian gold.
-Hottie Tottie (tingle cream)

Sunbed tip 3!

The pre sunbed care is a really big part at building up your tan! I like to have a nice relaxing bath the night before I tan, which many people call an ‘everything bath’. It includes a nice warm bath as water can hydrate the skin, shaving with a nice shaving foam, exfoliating all off the dead skin off getting it easier to tan.

Soaking in the nice warm bath also helps to get moisture to ensure the tan stays longer, meaning it is easier to build up once you have started a base tan.

Sunbed tip 4!

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My top 4 tips for using a sunbed- how to get a bronze, glowing tan.

The last tip is a small one, and it may not build up a tan as much but it keeps you healthy and one of the best things to do. Before and after your tanning session, make sure to drink about 500ml before and after to try and keep hydrated so you don’t get too warm and light headed that your tanning session makes you feel worse instead of better!

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