How woman gained the vote- 5 main factual points.

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In the early 20th centaury woman were seen as second class citizens and the general attitude of men was that they belonged in the home in the role of wife and mother, with no place for them in politics as their views were represented by their fathers, husbands, and brothers. However, these attitudes began to … Read more

Life stages of Buddha – the 7 stages in great detail

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The Buddha, he is the founder of the great religion Buddhism, real name Siddhartha Gutana. He is the main topic of conversation in Buddhism, and so many other conversations, There is many interesting facts about him, like the fact he actually lived as a normal man and human being, lived in India, born a prince … Read more

Blair Drummond- the #1 best safari park in the UK!

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Blair Drummond is an amazing safari park, which is one of my fav days out, especially for warm summery days! There is many fun attractions at this amazing safari park like a drive through part, where you look at all the animals as you drive through, rides, more walking attractions where you can even go … Read more

Gossip Girl season 1- an amazing show

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Gossip girl, one of my all time favourite shows. It focus’s on the rich, popular group of the New York citizens, and how their life may seem ‘perfect’- when it is actually the opposite. The show focuses on 4 main charecters- Blair Waldorf, a popular, perfect private school student who’s life seems like a dream, … Read more

Birthday party’s- and the best 3 planning tips!

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A birthday. It comes up once a year, and more or less everyone really looks forward to it. Everyone loves to have a birthday party where you dance, party, have cake, mingle, enjoy food and drinks, but no one really considers the amount of planning that goes into having a party. Where should I have … Read more