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Amazing chicken and bean enchiladas- 10 minutes to prep!

Amazing chicken and bean enchiladas. A tasty meal for all of the family. This amazing quick dinner only takes 1 hour all in, including cooking time, the ingredients are all super healthy, filling you full of your 5 a day, these enchiladas have also got the great flavours of tender chicken, red pepper and black

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Gender inequality in the United Kingdom- top 4 examples!

Even though gender inequality was worse many, many years ago, it is still a problem in the UK, especially in the work place. There is inequality like pay, women not succeeding in their career path as much as men, and more, due to things like caring responsibilities for their family. For more on gender inequality,

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Toad in the hole and gravy! Delicious meal ready in 1 hour!

Toad in the hole. A classic British dinner dish usually served with onion gravy and vegetables! I honestly do not think I have ever met a person who does not like this amazing, family comfort meal! It tastes so good, it super easy to make and it is quick to prepare! This recipe is perfect

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Top 3 barbecue recipes- delicious and easy!

Summer is just around the corner and it is about the become barbecue season. Sitting out the back sipping on cocktail, maybe your just back from a beach day, maybe you and your friends are having a disposable barbecue, maybe it is sunny outside and your wanting a different style of dinner, no matter what

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3 types of inequality in the USA- interesting politics lesson.

Inequality in the USA. Such a big factor, that is not spoken about enough. In the usa there are 4 main ethnic groups, white Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, and black Americans. Across every single social and economic indicator, black Americans tend to do worse and suffer greater inequalities in all aspects of life than white

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My favourite 3 mash potato recipes- tasty quick and easy!

Mash potato. One of my favourite meals of all times. It can go from a plain, creamy mash, to cheese and chive mash with bacon! There is literally so many fancy things that you can do with this dish, and it all tastes honestly amazing! Perfect on the side of any hot meal, like a

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Favourite 3 spring cocktails!- quick, easy and tasty recipes!

The easter bunny is out, easter eggs are on shelves in the shops. Spring cleaning, baby lambs, all the flowers start to grow, mini egg recipes, all of this shows one time. It is time for spring! These cocktails will get you right in the mood to be sat out the back relaxing in the

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Ginger chicken fried rice- amazing and ready in 45 minutes!

This ginger chicken fried rice is the recipe you have been dreaming about. Needed something to put on the side of your plate? Maybe your being healthy and trying to introduce more carbs and protein into your diet? maybe your going to put this in a bowl on the middle of the table for the

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4 alternative solutions to the way Scotland is governed.

4 alternative solutions to the way Scotland is governed. Following the 2016 EU Brexit referendum, there has been much debate about the way that Scotland has been governed. In 1999, the Scottish Parliament was creating and it had some powers to change things within Scotland.  The powers that they have are called Devolved powers and

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