Helpful reasons for Scottish internal migration- in 1830- 39.

Internal migration is a type of voluntary migration where people move within their own countries. Common causes of internal migration include economic opportunities, the desire to live somewhere with a familiar culture, and seeking a better climate. If you keep reading, I will tell you the main reasons for internal migration in 1830. Reasons for … Read more

Little Women- 1 of my favourite movies!

Little women, the story of the four March- Jo, Amy, Beth and Meg- sisters, as they grow up and grow into womanhood, and realise that life is not always hopes, dreams and everything else they thought it would be. The movie was produced from a book in 2019 and has amazing actresses and actors in … Read more

Olivia Rodrigo- my #1 amazing singer!

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Olivia Isabel Rodrigo, the amazing American singer, song writer, and actress, who first gained recognition for her lead roles on the Disney television programs Bizaardvark and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. She has 2 amazing albums that have been realised and straight away took up in flames, the two album, sour and guts, … Read more

Cat Spraying No More Review – Get Your Cat To Stop Urinating All Over For Good

cat spraying no more review

Cat Spraying No More Review This is a problem that I never faced but my sister and her husband did, their cat was going crazy all of the sudden spraying urine all over their furniture and making their house smell horrible in general which is very unlike them as they are house proud. I decided … Read more