Brain Training For Dogs Review – Make Your Dog Love And Respect You

Brain Training For Dogs Review

There is no getting away from the fact we love the little guys, it’s been a big debate from the beginning of time are you a cat or dog person? for me it has to be dogs I’m afraid.

brain training for dogs review
brain training for dogs review

You do not need to be hard on your dogs to make them love and respect you, there is a proven way to do the necessary training which is fun not only for your dog but you too.

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This particular course contains amazing techniques you probably never even thought of and has instructions and guides from some of the top people in the dog training industry.

And I’m guessing if you have arrived on this page you are having trouble taming and controlling your beloved pet am I right? 🙂 the main problem with your pet is not the ability to hear you but they just don’t care enough to pay you attention.

This is taught in the book too, and quite extensively there are many many extra training videos you will get at no extra cost, the value for money you receive is by far what makes this course the defacto best in the world at this time.

A lot of the tried and tested methods simply do not work anymore or just don’t have as much of an impact as they once did, they needed to be reevaluated and tweaked to iron out the bugs, this is what this course has done but on steroids.

Don’t think just because your pet is acting up he or she can’t be trained to behave better, they all definitely can, all dogs regardless of temperament can be trained to behave and obey you when you command it, remember you are the one in control, not your dog.

The modules are not long and are made so you can follow along easily and in bite-size chunks, once you get the course it will be yours forever, it’s good to revisit the training from time to time you are not expected to learn everything at the one time and neither is your dog.

brain training for dogs
brain training for dogs

Did you know if you hired a trainer to teach you these things in the course you would probably be $300 less off per HOUR yes, that surprised me too it was crazy what a lot of these dog trainers were charging for what essentially is the same in this course?

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Adrienne Farricelli Brain Training For Dogs

Adrienne is a fully qualified dog trainer and has been training dogs for quite a long time now, she covers so many aspects of obedience training it is quite frankly awe-inspiring. I thought I was doing well if my dog could fetch a ball!

She has helped thousands of people to get control over their dogs but in such a way it is not harsh or sore on the dog, there is no hitting or any type of bad behaviour shown to your pet that is guaranteed.

Here are some of the things you will learn to fix or modify in your dog’s behaviour, it does not mean your dog is bad or miss behaved they may just need a tweak here and there to control their behaviour.

  • Aggression – Does your dog go over the top when it comes to aggression?
  • Digging – Does your dog always try to dig up the garden you have just cleaned up?
  • Jumping – Does your dog always attempt to jump up on you or others especially when you are wearing white?
  • Leash Pulling – Does your dog constantly try to pull on it’s leash?
  • Chewing – Does your dog try to chew your new clothes or gadgets, which can be costly?

These are just a few of the things you will be able to modify in your dog’s behaviour, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these but if for example, your dog is chewing expensive items it will get tiresome and costly that is for sure.

She has also trained military dogs, these are some of the hardest dogs to train as they are unable to shake off the military training they have had but she has done it multiple times with great success.

Brain Training For Dogs Login

Once you sign up you will be able to log in to your account and get access to all the modules in your private member’s area, there are 7 main modules which you should start with first, they should be completed in the order listed below:

  • Preschool
  • Elementary School
  • High School
  • College
  • University
  • Graduation
  • Einstein

The last one is the top tier where your dog will have mastered all of the techniques, tips and tricks shown in your online videos, I think he or she might deserve a treat at that stage 🙂

All the modules are highly detailed, she does not cut corners and believes in giving you the best possible value for money, this is not a job but a passion for Adrienne, you can see this clearly by how far she goes to give you tips and tricks to maximize the value you get.


This has truly been one of the best courses for training your dog I have ever come across, not only is the author very respected in this field the amount of training videos you get is quite frankly unbelievable for the price.

With a heap of videos and also access to the author who will help you if you have any questions I cannot say enough good things about this course it is a gem, at only $47 at the time of writing this brain training for dogs review it is an absolute steal.

If you are having trouble with your furry friend or friends this is a must-have read, click the link below to read more about this course and save yourself some money in designer clothes (which my dog chewed on!) I still have not forgiven him lol

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