Amazing biscoff recipes – my top 3

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Biscoff. A tasty, amazing biscuit that is getting more and more popular each day. Different types of biscuit’s coming out, some have cream, some have 2 layers, they keep getting better and better! But what else is making these biscuit’s amazing? All the new cakes and recipes that people invent including the biscuits! Talking about … Read more

Amazing pancake recipe- in only 30 minutes!

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This tasty pancake recipe is perfect for birthday recipes, breakfast recipes or for a special treat for the kids. Maybe it’s pancake day- and yous are all making the perfect, soft, mouth melting pancakes which are super tasty, super easy and super quick! After one bite you will be wanting to eat these everyday for … Read more

Raclettes! A easy, fun way of cooking a tasty dinner!

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Raclettes, a super fun way of cooking your dinner with everyone involved and enjoying the process! The outcome, also, tastes delicious if I say so myself. Raclette is a Swiss dish, also popular in the other Alpine countries, based on heating cheese and scraping off the melted part, then typically served with boiled potatoes. There … Read more