3 Of The Best Hot Chocolate Recipes That Taste Amazing

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3 of the best hot chocolate recipes that taste amazing!

It is finally hot chocolate season, one of my favourites. The winter coats are being grabbed out from the back of the closet, the box of hats and scarfs is making an appearance and the heating is starting to go on. We are going back to scraping cars and walking slowly so we don’t slip on the ice. The Grinch is starting to play on repeat along with WHAM’s last Christmas on the radio, It is finally winter, it is finally Christmas, and what is one of the best parts of winter? Hot chocolate.

There is a few debates when it comes to hot chocolate, one of the most basic ones is ‘do you use milk or water?’ Well, what if I told you that both was the right answer? Or that actually, cream was a good answer to the question. How do you cook it in the microwave… have you ever tried the slow cooker? There are so many ways that, even until recently I didn’t know, to make an amazing hot chocolate that will heat you up when you are cold.

On Hob Hot Chocolate!

Now, let me put you onto something, On hob hot chocolate? How crazy does that sound? But let me tell you that it is honestly one of the best ways to make it! Most people just dash milk into a mug, stick it in the microwave for a few minutes and then pour the hot chocolate sash into the milk, but if you put in a wee bit more time and effort, your cocoa will be left tasting and feeling amazing in your mouth!

This hot chocolate recipe is prepared on your hob/ stove, and trust me it is amazing! It leaves it feeling thick and creamy, but not to much that it is like syrup! It only takes around 10 minutes to make, and let me tell you that they 10 minutes are definitely worth it!

All you will need is;

a small pot

a sieve

a hop at a medium heat

a knife or greater

your mug

Milk (1 cup per serving)

whipped cream (from can or self whipped)


Hot chocolate powder

block of milk chocolate


And it is in these simple and easy steps;

start off by filling your mug/ cup with milk. Pour your contents into the small pot. Do this as many times as servings that you are doing, for example, if you were making 3 mugs of hot chocolate, you want to do this 3 times!

Then, place your pot on your hob ring at a low/ medium heat, make sure it doesn’t boil, not even simmering at this stage.

Get around 2-3 tea spoons of cocoa powder and sieve it gently into your pot, then stir it through until all of it has been stirred.

Pour in a couple marsh marshmallows and allow them to melt, then grate in your block of milk chocolate and allow that to melt. Then, add in a blob of the whipped cream and stir that through until it is all gone.

Allow your pot to cook on the heat for 5- 10 more minutes, simmer very gently, making sure it does NOT boil or stick to the bottom of pot. Stir it occasionally.

Once the mixture has cooked, pour it evenly into your mugs. Then add your toppings! I recommend whipped cream and marshmallows but it is your choice!

That is it! Your on hob hot chocolate is complete! Like I said, it does take a bit more time and effort but personally, the awesome taste at the end is totally worth it all!

Slow cooker hot chocolate!

I know this sounds completely mental… but slow cooker hot chocolate is the way to go! This is a long process to be fair but I am begging you to try it! It is one of the best ways I think there is to make hot chocolate, trust me it is amazing! The texture, the taste, the smell! If you have kids who love hot chocolate, or you and your friends are having a cup whilst watching a movie, this is the recipe for you!

This recipe makes a lot of cups, it is for more big events, so if you want less, just cut down the quantites!

What you need is-

One litre whole milk!

300ml double cream

100g plain chocolate

200g dark chocolate

All you need to do;

Place your slow cooker on a high heat and pour in the milk. Then, pour in your cream.

Give it all a stir about then grate your plain chocolate and add that in too!

Break your dark chocolate into squares and add these into your milk, cream and grated chocolate!

Leave your slow cooker onto heat for about 2 hours, coming back to stir around every half an hour!

Once it is done, drizzle your cup with chocolate sauce, pour the hot chocolate into the cup and then top with your whipped cream and marshmallows! It is amazing! It may be time consuming, but trust me, it is worth it!

Hot chocolate bombs!

This last one is a little different, we are making a hot chocolate bomb to splash in the warm milk, giving us the best hot cocoa! Kids will love this and adults will too! It is a fun new way to make hot chocolate- that is also so fun eating it!

All you need is;

A block of plain chocolate

6 tablespoons hot cocoa mix

1 cup mini marshmallows

Sprinkles, for decorating (optional)


Start off by melting your chocolate in a pot or the microwave and then use a pastry brush and put 12 silicone semi sphere moulds (ours were 7cm) flat on a baking tray. Using a pastry brush, brush the chocolate over the inside of the moulds until they’re all covered.

Tip the moulds upside down and shake the excess chocolate onto some baking parchment, and scrape the top using a palette knife. Place back on the baking tray, and in the fridge for 10 mins to set completely

Brush the second layer of chocolate in the moulds so they’re evenly covered. Place flat on the baking tray again and leave to set in the fridge for 1 hr or overnight. Once set, carefully remove from the mould by peeling back one side.

Then fill one mould with the chocolate powder and marshmallows and seal the two chocolate moulds together.

Then, allow them to set for 30 minutes more and your done! Dunk them in a glass or warm milk and watch the magic happen!

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