Cat Spraying No More Review – Get Your Cat To Stop Urinating All Over For Good

Cat Spraying No More Review

This is a problem that I never faced but my sister and her husband did, their cat was going crazy all of the sudden spraying urine all over their furniture and making their house smell horrible in general which is very unlike them as they are house proud.

cat spraying no more review
cat spraying no more review

I decided to purchase this program for my sister and brother in law and then I would write a cat spraying no more review to see if it did work as it claimed who better to test the product than people who are practically cat experts (at least in my eyes).

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In this book 11 chapters will guide you through exactly what to do and how to approach your cat including things not to try as some cats are not too responsive to learning new things, this is all covered too.

cat spraying no more
cat spraying no more

Cat Spraying No More Book

The book (downloadable in a digital .pdf format) is very comprehensive and contains methods to train your cat to stop showering urine everywhere around the house. it is quite bulky and full of useful information as well as teaching you the human some neat tips and tricks.

It is written by an expert in the field Sarah Richards who happens to be a veterinary technician and has been in that role for at least 12 years at the time of writing this.

That tells us 1 thing for sure, she is more than qualified to talk on the subject than someone who does this for a living, I reached out to her before buying this program and I found she was extremely helpful on some of the questions asked.

She said that she wanted to write a book after her troubles with cat spraying after she adopted a young kitten who did this all the time, once she mastered the tricks she wrote them down and practised on more cats before she called it a success.

Some things the book will cover are:

  • Causes – Each persons cat is different, and they each have different personalities, so what exactly is causing your cat to act up.
  • Remedies – You will see the exact remedies Sarah uses to break the cycle of your cats spraying, all used with everyday home ingridients nothing complicated or hard to find.

You also don’t need to worry about what type of cat or the age of the cat you have, all of them have been proven to stop spraying using this book as you will see as you get further into reading the book.

The end goal is to get your cat to go to their litter box or tray and urinate in there instead of on your expensive furniture or the new jacket your partner just bought you, using the strategies employed in this book by Sarah a world-renowned expert there is no doubt you will achieve these goals.

You must be prepared to put the work in and be patient with your kitty, sometimes they (just like humans) can be stuck in their ways and not willing to play along, they will eventually begin to follow your commands.

It is one thing you must stop as soon as you can, by the cats spraying it is unbelievably unhygienic to have them do this in your house, which I’m sure you know already.

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Does Cat Spraying No More Really Work?

The first question I asked my sister and brother in law after 2 weeks, and the answer was … YES it did work I have to confess I could no longer smell a slight tinge of cat urine lol you try not to be rude but it is what it is, people will appreciate this honesty.

It was not plain sailing by any means and as they both worked and had a baby to look after, they could only devote the nighttime to teaching their cat (Asher) the techniques from the book I thought that was $30 well spent and so did they in the end.

At first, the cat was hesitant to try the techniques, but if you train your cat to know for example, after it eats it is now time for school it will get more attuned to know it is now training time. This also gets them into a routine.

Not just with my family, the reviews speak for themself, the course is pretty much guaranteed to work if you put the grind in, it is obviously better to try these techniques with younger cats, but cats of all ages can be taught easily too.

It may take a week or so to see results but this is normal, it is best with anything in life to see results slowly, this way you know in the long run the techniques will stick and you have more chance of your pet remembering what was taught.


I think this is a simple enough conclusion 🙂 do you like having your feline friend urinate all over your house? I did not think so! if this cat spraying no more review should show you anything it is how important it is to get your cat to stop this as soon as possible.

It does not by any means mean your cat is bad or wants to ignore you it is just an inbuilt territory marking behaviour that all felines (or animals in general) possess to mark their turf so to speak, so it is completely natural behaviour.

If you are not satisfied you can get a 60-day money-back guarantee that goes along with the book which shows the author (and my inlaws) have faith in the training, do not hesitate to click the link below to read more and keep your house smelling pine instead of urine fresh, trust me your friends and family will thank you!

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