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The creator of the Universe- 3 interesting religious beliefs.

Science- how the universe was created theory 1. One non-religious viewpoint is Science. Scientists believe that the universe was created through the Big Bang. The Big Bang is a theory that the universe was created 13.8 Billion years ago from an event called a singularity. After this particles were produced which were then developed into […]

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My favourite gym workout! 1 hour powerful gym routine!

Maybe your bored of your current workout, maybe it was your new years resolution to loose weight, maybe you’ve booked a holiday and you want to get in shape, maybe your not happy with your current weight, maybe your wanting to workout to relieve stress and help your mental health, or maybe your just looking

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How the Nazis remained in power- 4 interesting facts!

Adolf Hitler’s rise to power began in the newly established Weimar Republic in September 1919 when Hitler joined the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. He rose to a place of prominence quickly in the early years of the party. Adolf Hitler soon became chancellor of Germany in January 1933, but the Nazis still did not have a majority of the votes in

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Sangha- 2nd most important festival in Buddhism.

There are many purposes for the sangha. It can be known as the worldwide spiritual community of buddhists, where they get together to practise teachings. It can also refer to smaller communities, like the monastery with monks and nuns. It is a life of devotion to buddhist ideals, and was created by the buddha (1K).

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3 Moral issues arising from crime and religion.

There are many causes of crime that raise moral issues such as environmentalinfluences and psychological factors. In this essay, it will discuss environmentalinfluences such as poverty and upbringing and psychological factors suchaddiction and mental health. MORAL ISSUE AND CRIME- point 1, Poverty. One environmental cause of crime is poverty. Poverty itself is not a cause

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Nature Of Human beings- 2 interesting Buddhism facts.

Nature of HB- Tanha The Nature of Human Beings (NOHB) as a belief for Buddhists is comprised of three parts. One part of the belief is Tanha. Tanha literally means craving. Cravings are caused by being attachedto impermanent things as we are under the illusion that things are going to last forever. Tanha is the

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Is Nibbana significant and interesting in the beliefs for Buddhists?

Nibbana is an important belief for Buddhists. It is the Ultimate goal for buddhists, their full lives they are striving to reach it. You need to stop fuelling the fires of the three root poisons, greed, hatred and ignorance, as when these fires are still burning you are still trapped in the wheel of samsara.

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