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It Starts With Us – A Review On Another Best Seller

It starts with us by Colleen Hoover is taking over the internet right now- but is it worth it? The book prequel- It ends with us- took over TikTok in early 2022, but has been...

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Frida Kahlo – A Beautiful No1 Painting

One of my favourite paintings- is Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait with a thorn necklace and hummingbird. Have you recently seen this famous self-portrait- maybe for the first time, maybe not- and a lot of questions come...

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Pumpkin Tricks – 5 Best Halloween Pumpkin Tricks And Hacks

The air suddenly has a chill to it, the jackets and blankets are getting heavier and pumpkin patches are starting to open. Everyone starts to search for this year’s costume and is hoping it will...