Top 3 Fun Things To Do At The Glasgow Christmas Market – George Square And St Enoch

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Top 3 fun things to do at the Glasgow Christmas Market- George Square and St Enoch!

The Glasgow Christmas markets are back for another year of amazing food and drink, fun entertainment games and rides, the cutest ornament stalls and a big wheel and an ice rink. All there so that you and your friends and family can all pop down, have a laugh, a bite to eat and get into the festive spirit! Why not? Have I not told you enough, fun, exciting things to do yet? Well, don’t you worry!

Glasgow Christmas Market takes place from Friday, November 18th 2022 until Tuesday, January 3rd 2023.  Located at St Enoch Square and George Square in the heart of Glasgow’s City Centre.  There will also be the return of the ice rink, Ferris wheel, ice climbing wall and more.

I recently visited the Christmas market with a friend of mine, and it was amazing! I will tell you all the fun highlights of our trip, and hopefully, you will then realise how much of a blast it is! From a roast in a wrap to a great view of Glasgow city, your trip will be immense, and let me tell you how.

The food- Glasgow Christmas market food!

Let’s start by talking about the food. I can only think of one way to describe the food at the markets and it is… OMG! It was honestly a dream! We started at the St Enoch market where I tried a ‘Yorkshire pudding wrap’. What is that, you ask? Well, let me tell you if you haven’t seen the viral Yorkshire pudding wraps yet, you are missing out!

These are giant Yorkshire puddings with a roast inside! Start by choosing your meats, which consist of turkey, ham, lamb, and even pigs in blankets- you could also double up if you would like- and then your veg, carrots, green beans, roast potatoes, stuffing, you decide! Then finally your sauce! Gravy, mint sauce, cranberry sauce, the lot! Then, they wrap it up and give it to you to enjoy!

It was amazing, when you go down to the market, you need to get yourself one of these!

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Top 3 fun things to do at the Glasgow Christmas Market- George Square and St Enoch!

My friend also got a Chicken gyro at the market, which was also so tasty! It was overflowing with ingredients and was honestly amazing! The sauce, the chicken, the veg, it was so good! I had a couple of bites and if I wasn’t full of delicious Yorkshire pudding wrap, I would’ve had more!

Down at the George square market, there were even more amazing food stalls, like the usual Christmas Market ‘chocolate kisses’, a salt and chilli stall where you can get chips, chicken, and so much more and trust me it smelled and looked amazing! I wanted one of everything from this food stall! They also had the TikTok famous mini Dutch pancakes, which again looked and smelled like heaven!

We got hot chocolate as well and It was so chocolatey and amazing, putting us right into the Christmas mood! There was also a bar with great drinks and live entertainment being supplied, trust me without the great atmosphere, the food and drink were all amazing!

Trust me, the food and drink itself were worth going for!

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Top 3 fun things to do at the Glasgow Christmas Market- George Square and St Enoch!

Ferris wheel- Glasgow Christmas market!

£8 for the best, most exciting part of your trip! Honestly, I was shocked at first too when I heard it was £8 a ticket too, and I swithered going on and buying a ticket but let me tell you that I am so glad I did! There was a long line, but it moved super fast, and we were in a carriage only around 10 minutes later!

The atmosphere was great and we saw grand views all along of Glasgow, the lights, the atmosphere, everything! It was honestly, so festive and exciting and it made me feel so Christmassy!

It went around 2 or 3 times and each time it just kept getting more and more magical, it was a great way for us to see the place, so if you’re heading down to the market this Christmas, be sure to hop in a carriage on the Ferris wheel!

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Top 3 fun things to do at the Glasgow Christmas Market- George Square and St Enoch!

Not to mention all the other rides such as the carrousel, all the flying chairs, and even a helter-skelter! All there for your fun and enjoyment, and trust me, it does give you fun and enjoyment! Even pop down to St Enoch market and you will see one of the scariest rides ever- even I wasn’t convinced about this one!

Ice Rink- Glasgow Christmas Market!

The last thing I will talk about is the ice rink at the market- but please, please, please, make sure you book!

You could probably hear the laughter being spread at the ice rink from the top of the Ferris wheel! The vibes were honestly magical, everyone looked so happy, Christmassy and like they were having the time of their life!

You can hire skates from the desk or take your own, and you get an hour on the ice rink! Tickets are only roughly £12.45 each, which is such little money to have a great skate, laugh with (and at) your friends and family, listening to Christmas music while hearing everyone around you doing the same as you, what does not sound amazing about that!

Then once you are off the rink, feeling all chilly you can go for a shot on the big wheel, then grab yourself a Yorkshire pudding wrap and a hot chocolate to warm you up! What about that plan doesn’t sound like a dream? Well, I think that sounds pretty amazing!

Ice Rink at the Christmas Fair @ George Square
Top 3 fun things to do at the Glasgow Christmas Market- George Square and St Enoch!

So, have I convinced you to go? I’m pretty sure I will have, because what doesn’t sound like a dream about that day out? I certainly don’t know! I would go back Asap if I had the chance!

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