Gilmore Girls – One Of The Best TV Shows

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Gilmore Girls- One of the best and my #1 rated TV shows.

Gilmore Girls is one of my favourite TV shows, if not possibly my favourite. If you are looking for a new show to watch, this is the one; if you want a background show for scrolling on your phone, this is the one; if you want a funny show, this is the one; if you want a show that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, this is the one!

Gilmore girls is a show about a highly close mother and daughter duo that shows them battling their way through different life events through the seasons. From aspects of life from relationships- who will Rory end up with, will Lorelai finally get the man she’s secretly always wanted- to school- will Rory get into Harvard, Yale or Princeton? Will Lorelai finally open the inn she’s always dreamed of? What will happen at this week’s Friday night dinner with Emily and Richard?


Rory Gilmore- Gilmore girls!

Full name of Lorelai Gilmore, named after her beloved mother. Rory Gilmore is one of the main characters in our show. Through the seasons, we see Rory’s journey through school and education, we see Rory get into Chilton private school in the first episode and build her education until it is ample time to choose her college, and then we see her journey through college, pursuing her dreams.

We watch Rory grow and mature throughout the seasons, feeling like we’re right there helping her make all her life decisions. We also see Rory go through relationships, family drama and friendships. Will Lorelai and Rory always be as close, what will happen with Lane? Will she and Dean work out, or will new boy Jess steal the show? Well, I guess you’ll need to watch and find out.

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Rory Gilmore- Kimberly Alexis Bledel.

Kimberly Alexis Bledel is an American actress and model. She plays Rory and is mainly known for her famous role in Gilmore girls; she was born on the 16th of September 1981. She has also starred in ‘The handmaid’s tail’, ‘Jenny’s Wedding’ and many more!

Lorelai Gilmore- Gilmore Girls!

The second main character is the only witty, proud mum to Rory, Lorelai Gilmore. Lorelai Gilmore has probably the most exciting backstory within the whole show, with her traumatic childhood and upbringing, falling pregnant at the young age of 15 with Rory, which just added to the rocky relationship Lorelai held with her mother.

Through the seasons, we see Lorelai fall in love many times, going through several rocky relationships, near marriages and even a potential marriage. Not only do we see Lorelai have rough relationships in her love life, but we also see her gain and lose trust in her parents. Will she ever fully trust them again?

Lorelai attends business school, runs an inn and has dreams of creating her own with her best friend, Sookie, and through the seasons, we see her expand on her dreams, hopefully making them come true one day. We always hear her say how much she loves coffee, but we begin to wonder, is purchasing this much coffee from luke’s diner just an excuse to see the man who sells it to her? You will need to watch and find out.

Lorelai Gilmore- Lauren Graham.

Lauren Graham is an American actress and author. She is best known for her role as Lorelai Gilmore in the beloved Gilmore girls. She has also starred in ‘parenthood’ and ‘bad Santa. Lauren Graham was born on the 16th of March 1967.

Gilmore girls- run down

Gilmore Girls is an American comedy-drama television series created by Amy Sherman-Palladino; the story is based around a mother and daughter that are best friends. Lorelai wants to own her while Rory intends to attend the prestigious Harvard university while also dealing with Lorelai’s appearance-obsessive and very wealthy parents, Emily and Richard Gilmore, who pay for Rory’s tuition at an exclusive private school in Hartford, Connecticut.

Emily and Richard Gilmore- a task. They seem lovely and would do anything for Lorelai and Rory. However, they would also rip the girls apart at any opportunity.

Luke, the town coffee shop owner. He is loved by the town and the viewers of the fantastic tv show, a fan favourite, and he gets the perfect ending- that I won’t spoil for you!

Jess- Luke’s nephew, who ends up playing a much more significant part in the star’s hollow life than everyone first thought from when he went to stay for just a ‘couple of months

Dean- Rory’s first love, who brings an epic part to the Gilmore Girls storyline all through every season of Gilmore Girls.

Lane is Rory’s childhood best friend, but will the friendship fade away or stay strong? Will Lane’s mother find out the truth about who her daughter is?

Sookie- Lorelais coworker and best friend all in one, who falls in love with her produce man. They have dreams together, but a lot gets in the way!

Michel- The sassy inn worker and best friend that we all love, he gets on everyone’s nerves, but where would they be without him?

Logan- Ohh, Logan. Who doesn’t love Logan? Logan becomes a big part of this show, but we fall more and more in love with him each episode; maybe Rory does too…?

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Gilmore girls- the character rundown.

Gilmore Girls- conclusion.

In conclusion, no matter the question, Gilmore girls is the answer. It is funny, with all of Lorelai’s witty comments, and there are points where your eyes will fill with tears. You will laugh, be angry, cry and shout at the TV whilst watching these, which can change in about 5 minutes, but it will be your comfort show after you watch it, trust me.

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