New Year Resolutions – Top 5 New Years Resolutions And How To Follow Them

New year’s resolutions- Top 5 recent years resolutions and how to follow them.

We have all made new year’s resolutions at one point or another. Every year on the 31st of December, we hear an uncountable amount of people mutter the famous phrase ‘new year, new me!’ or ‘I’m going to make a difference this year.’ Well, do they? Do people ever actually stick to new years resolutions?

Loose weight, study more, get into a relationship, career, family, school, or friends. This is a list of the most commonly made resolutions, and half of the people who swear to follow these give up quickly. Therefore, today I will tell you the top 5 solutions to make you a better person in 2023, and just a few ways to stick to them!

New year resolution 1- Lose weight!

One of the first and most common resolutions is when someone swears they will change their body into one they are comfortable with, eat better, and exercise more. However, this is also one of the ones people struggle to stick to the most.

Trust me, I know that losing weight is tuff, but do not give up if you don’t see results within the first week or two because even after another week or two, you will start to see results if you keep it consistent! Some of the best ways that can help to begin to see these results include the following-

  • going walks- even for around an hour a day or every second day. Not only will this help your physical help, but it will also help your mental health.
  • Eating good- you can find recipes for healthier meals online; I will even attach a link at the end of this article for one. Just remember, it does not mean the less calories, the healthier the meal is. This is true in some cases, but remember protein is key, and your meals will vary depending on your goal.
  • Reqular workouts and gym days. You can either try home work outs on youtube, or start to follow a gym plan that works for you! Consistant workouts will slowly build towards your goal, so I do reccomend at least 20 minutes 5 days a week.
  • SLEEP. I cannot stress enough just how important sleep actually is, as it is your body’s way of healing, relaxing and overall, getting a good night sleep and being in a good sleep schedule is one of the best ways to get healthier.
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New year resolutions 2- Spend more time with friends and family.

Another popular new year resolutions is to spend more time with the people you love. This is often one people forget to do, and forget they swore to doing. People want to put other things behind them, like work out of work hours, house work, studying, all of these things to spend time with the people they love more.

This one may sound easy and simple, but just make sure you do put the people in your life first, they are one of the most important things.

Try and message or call friends and family as often as you can, make plans to go to dinner, walks shopping, cinema, etc. Just try to make time with friends and family for whenever you can, as it will be one of your best memory’s!

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New year resolutions 3- get a promotion!

One of the biggest aspects in many peoples life’s is work and their careers. Therefore, when we welcome a new year, we hear many people saying this is finally going to be the year their career takes off and shoots upwards!

A good way to achieve this is just try your hardest. Get into a good routine with work and your personal life, not letting one take over the other. Try your hardest whilst at work but do not let it drain you, good things take time but that time should be spread evenly and not all crammed into one week, this will just end up affecting your mental health.

Be kind and friendly to your colleges and bosses but make sure you don’t let them walk all over you, and be sophisticated. These different tips can vary between career paths but just make sure you are being the best version of you.

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New year resolutions 4- Self care!

This one is a new one, but it gets bigger and bigger each year. but it is probably one of my favourite new year resolutions! Being kind to yourself, your body and your mind is one of the healthiest things you can do, learning to love yourself!

Self care includes doing facemasks and haircare, or snuggling in bed with your favourite take away and putting on your binge watching series. Self care is what makes you happy and comfortable, but will make your mind happy too!

My favourite self care routine is running a nice, bubbly bath doing some haircare, some skincare like face masks, a bit of fake tan, and just feeling good about yourself. Even coming out, having a nice cup of tea whilst you watch your favourite show is a form of self care. Just doing whatever makes you happiest and helps your body and mind. This is one of the best new year resolutions and this is something everyone should focus on in the new year, self love and self care!

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New year resolution- study more for school!

The fifth and final new year resolution that many are trying to stick to, is study more and try more in school. This one is similar to what I said about the promotion new year resolution, but just try your hardest to space out school and personal life, and do not drain yourself in the making!

Every few nights, maybe like a couple hours each night, doing exam questions, mind maps, notes, just taking a bit of time to study, which in the long run will help with your progress in education and school!

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And that is the top 5 new year resolutions and some of the top tips to following them! For more new year resolutions, click here!

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