How To Get Your Hair Looking Amazing In 4 Easy Washing Steps

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How to get your hair looking amazing, in 4 easy washing steps!

Do you want shiny, glossy hair with very little effort? Want it to look beautiful, long, and healthy, just because you washed it the right way? Well, if you follow this, you might just get that! I’m going to tell you all the secret tips and the right way, to wash it. So, if you want to find out, keep reading!

Step one- Your first shampoo!

First of all, get a shampoo. I recommend treseme, it is great for adding a shine and has a reasonable price! Plus it smells awesome! Pour about as much as a pound coin onto your palm, but it’s your judgement if you need more or less, ad add it just to your roots. Massage your shampoo into the roots for at least a minute. If you have a head exfoliator tool, use this to rub in your shampoo, but you don’t need one!

Massaging your shampoo into the roots can take away grease or dirt build-up, and unclog the scalp. Doing this can help increase growth, and can make your hair grow a lot healthier. It also gets rid of grease so your hair Is a lot cleaner.

Rinse out the first shampoo with warm water, but not roasting water since heat can damage your hair and cause split ends. Make sure to rinse out all of the shampoos, and clean out all the dirt.

Step two – Your Second Shampoo

If you use a colour shampoo, since you don’t wear your natural colour, this is your time to shine! At this point, you should use your coloured shampoos. If you are a dyed blondie, get a purple shampoo to take out any brassy tones in your hair! And if you are a brunette, get a blue shampoo to keep your colour looking fresh, and not dull.

If you don’t have dyed hair, just get the same shampoo that you used the first time and follow the steps with the original shampoo, trying to avoid the roots.

Again, apply about a pound coin amount onto your palm and apply it to your hair. run the Shampoo all the way from the middle to the ends of your hair. If you’d like to touch up the colour of your roots, you can apply a bit of the coloured shampoo to your roots, but don’t massage that in as it may remove the oil.

If you are using a coloured shampoo, leave this in for 5-10 minutes, depending on how bright or darker you want your colour to become and after that rinse it out again with warm water.

Step three – condition

Once you have shampooed your hair, it’s time to condition it. Conditioner makes your hair soft and shiny, so it is essential.

Again, apply it to your palm and apply it to the middle, until the ends. Use quite a lot, making sure that you’ve covered most of your hair avoiding the roots. Get a brush, and brush the conditioner through your hair, and leave it on the conditioner for 5 minutes, letting it set in.

Once you have let the conditioner sit in, rinse it out but this time with cold water. Rinse out all of the conditioners and brush it one more time, if you wish.

Once you gave rinsed out your conditioner it’s time for us to do a mask!

Step four – hair mask

There are many benefits to a hair mask like, prevents frizz, can stop dryness and can strengthen your ends. I recommend the Garnier mask, as they have a range for all different hair types and struggles, and they all smell great.

Apply your mask through the whole head, making sure it covers all of the scalp and ends. Leave it in for 2-3 minutes, and let it soak through. Again, after you’ve let it sit, rinse it out with cold water again.

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Thank you for reading and we hope this works!

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