3 Different Ways To Curl Your Hair And Make it Look Fantastic

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3 different ways to curl your hair- and make it look fantastic!

Are you tired of having straight hair all the time? Do you want to learn how to curl your hair? Maybe you have a party and you don’t know how to wear your hair. Or maybe you want to try a heatless method, to strengthen your hair? Well, everything you want to know about curling your hair, I’m about to tell you!

Tongs – a tight curl

We’re going to start off with the most used technique, this involves heat and can leave quite a strong, tight result. This is probably my personal favourite as it lasts a good few days, with only one touch-up, or maybe none. It’s also easy and effortless, which is good for mornings when you have to get out of the house quick!

Make sure your hair is fully dry because the heat on wet hair can cause serious damage! Heat up your tongs to around 180° or 200° and get some heat protector spray! Don’t be shy with the spray, cover your full head in it but do not soak your hair, because as I said earlier, this does more harm than good! Now, let’s get curling!

Start off by sectioning your hair into two layers and clipping up the top layer. Get your pre-heated tongs and lift up the clamp. Make sure you are very careful and do not burn yourself, if your tongs come with a glove, I recommend using it.

Face the tip of the tong downwards, with the clamp still lifted, and wrap a strand of your hair around the barrel. I like to wrap my hair around the barrel flat so that It comes out with a bouncier curl, but it is completely your choice!

When you’ve finished layer one, unclip your hair and then complete the rest! A tip if you want your curls to last longer and be bouncier, you can hold your hair in the shape of the curl, pushing it up to your head after it comes off the heat! Allowing the curl to cool down in this heat will make it last longer, and have a bouncier effect at the end.

Once you’ve done all your hair, and allowed it all to cool down it’s time for us to brush them out! I like to apply a bit of hairspray at this point but it’s completely up to you, and remember it’s the tiniest bit! We don’t want our hair feeling rock solid! Get a brush, preferably a smooth rather than a hash brush as we still want to see the curl, and just brush through it all! You can then use a bit of hair oil on your hands and run them through your hair!

And that is us done for technique number one! Your curls will definitely look amazing, but keep reading for even more ways to get stunning hair!

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Dressing gown – healthy curls

This is a technique for a healthier curl, using absolutely no heat and still have a gorgeous outcome! It’s super easy to do and does not take long, and if you do this before you go to sleep, you wake up with gorgeous hair, how often does that happen!

This technique was trending on TikTok, Instagram and all types of social media during the 2020 lockdown, it was a fun new way to do your hair since we couldn’t get to the hairdressers, or couldn’t even leave the house! It has stuck around ever since the first lockdown, and is still a mad beauty trend! But how do I do it, your wondering? Well, keep reading and I can tell you exactly how!

Go for a shower and do your usual hair washing routine. You don’t need any fancy shampoos, conditioners or hair masks for this, because as I said at the start, it’s nice and simple. Once you have washed your hair, we’re going to towel dry it. You can either just give it a pat-down or keep it up in a towel whilst you are doing other things! Brush out your hair and then grab the hair dryer.

Dry your hair up until it is about 75% done, when it looks dry but you can feel that it is still damp, and brush it through. Part your hair into two sections down the middle. Your then going to sit the rope out of your dressing gown, in the middle of your head, both strings resulting in sitting bu the sides of your face, like this:

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Get your first strand of hair, at the front of your head and wrap it around the string. Once this piece is at the back, pick up another piece and merge it in along with it! do this until about half of your hair is gone. The spare piece of hair at the back, bring this forward twisting it around the gown, but in the opposite way. then take your original piece of hair and wrap that the other way, making an X-looking shape at the bottom of your gown. Get a hair tye and tie the bottom of your hair onto the gown!

Do this on both sides of the gown and then go to sleep. Once you wake up, just until your gown, unravels the hair, and if you feel like your hair needs it, just give it a gentle brush! And there you go, you have heatless curls!

If you need more help on how to do these, click here.

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Hair wand- easy loose curls

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this technique is pretty similar to the tongs but without the clamp! Section your hair and prepare it for the heat with your spray. again being very careful, heat your curlers and then wrap a piece of hair around the wand. Again, it is your choice if you’d like to do a flat curl or a more loose one.

Once you have done all your hair, allow it time to cool down again before brushing it through! The wand creates a much softer, looser curl than the tong but both are equally stunning. Apply any spray or hair oil if you wish, but it is completely up to you!

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These are the results from a wand!

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