My top 2 Halloween treats! The best recipes for food lovers.

Halloween treats! Its October, and you know what that means, Halloween! Time for Halloween treats, Halloween decorations, Halloween goodie bags, and so much more! the nights start getting frostier and darker. Everyone starts filling goodie bags and practicing jokes, leaves start to crunch, ‘what are you dressing up as’ circulates more and more, and invites to party’s start to fly. Once again, it is the spookiest time of the year, it is finally Halloween.

Today I will show you my favourite 2 Halloween treats, one savoury, a perfect main course that the family will love, and a desert that will blow your mind! What else could you possibly want? So, to make your October even more spooky, just keep reading to learn about these Halloween treats!

Halloween treat 1- hotdogs!

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The first Halloween treat today is hot dogs. Now, yous might be thinking like ‘how does hot dogs have anything to do with Halloween?’ Well, today we are going to make our hot dogs extra special, and make them really spooky to be even better! These are super easy, super quick, super tasty, super fun for the kids to safely help with, and super spooky! So let’s get started!

Start off my prepping your hot dogs, you should have instructions on your jar, wither your boiling them or whatever you need to do, then once they are ready let them cool down on a plate.

This next part is optional, there is an alternative, however, onion lovers, this choice is for you! If you chose this root, then cut onions onto think chunks (ones that look roughly like a finger nail, can you guess where this is going now?) and fry it. And then make a small slit in the end of the sausage, stick the onion through it, only about a quarter down so that it looks like a finger nail, and then cut a few more slits half way up using a knife to look like wrinkles on the knuckles.

If you aren’t much an onion fan, then you can simply try this other method that makes it equally as spooky! Carefully just cut a rectangle in the top of the sausage, and carve it out! This looks just as real of a nail as the onion does, but means if you aren’t a fan of that taste then you do not need to add it in, and then cut a few more slits half way up using a knife to look like wrinkles on the knuckles!

Place you hot dog carefully in a bun, butter the bun first of you like, but place the hot dog a big higher up than you would do on your average lunch hot dog. Smear tomato ketchup, more at the bottom, leading its way up the finger, and there you have it! The perfect spooky, also tasty Halloween treat hot dogs!

Chocolate apples- Halloween treats!

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Halloween treats!

The next Halloween treat is actually super simple, yet so tasty! So, every year at Halloween you get all types of apples, sugared ones, candy apples and chocolate ones, so today, I will tell you how to make the best chocolate apples ever.

All you need to do is melt milk chocolate in a glass dish, over a pot of a small amount of boiling water (carefully) reoccurring stirring it until it is all smooth and melted. Stick a cocktail stick (the long ones, you can cut a quarter off it if you feel it is too long) your apples bottom, and then slowly, ensuring it doesn’t fall off the stick, dunk it into the chocolate, making sure it is covered.

Sprinkle sprinkles onto a sheet of parchment paper, and once your chocolate has set a bit, dip the apple into your sprinkles. If you want, you can even add edible eyes to make it spooky, or web white chocolate over it to make it look like a mummy!

Allow them to set on the parchment paper over night, and then that is you! All done, and the next day, the Halloween treats are ready to be bitten into and enjoyed!

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