Blackpool- top 3 amazing things to do!

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Blackpool- top 3 things to do!

Blackpool, one of my favourite places. The sea air, the fun activities and attractions, the laughs, the food, just everything about it is so homely and amazing, and it is not to expensive! The main attraction of the tower which includes an awesome circus, a ballroom, a glass floor. It is easy to access, near by train stations, driving, and busses! It is suitable for all ages, with it’s amazing theme park having rides suitable for all ages and the pubs are ready for the hen and stag nights! So, if you are considering or planning a trip to black pool, keep reading and I will tell you all the must do’s!

Food in Blackpool!

One of the first things I am going to talk about is my favourite thing whist here! There are so many places to eat and drink, but today I will tell you my favourite.

The first best place to eat, as a sit in is a Wetherspoons pub, named ‘Albert and the lion’. This is an amazing place to eat and drink, as it does great food for all ages, the atmosphere is amazing, the cocktails, and even the backstory where a young boy called albert visited the zoo and got ate by a lion. This is illustrated around the walls and all the kids will love it whilst loving the food!

Another place to go for food may sound really strange, and this is more of a desert type of food, but honestly the food stalls on the side of the street are one of the best places you can get food like crepes and doughnuts, even chips and curry, some of the best food you will find at the sea side!

Pleasure beach!

Blackpool pleasure beach is probably the sea sides main attraction, by having so many fun rides for different ages, including the UK’s biggest rollercoaster, The ‘Pepsi max’ big one! that adults will either love or hate (I personally hated it!) and then for the smaller bunch that love the park, there is other rides and attractions like Nickelodeon land!

For prices of tickets if you are planning a trip click on this link here-

Adult (Gate Price) £50.00 per ticket
Adult (Online) From: £31.00 per ticket
Junior (Gate Price) £40.00 per ticket
Junior (Online) From: £27.00 per ticket

There are many codes, and peak times, so look into it before booking! To book, click here!

The Blackpool Piers!

The piers not only offer countless hours of entertainment,  thrills and laughter for thousands of visitors a year – they are also venerable institutions of Britain’s seaside history.

There are 3 different piers in Blackpool to choose from, the north pier, the south pier and the Central pier! There are many rides for family’s of all ages to enjoy including the Carousel, bumper cars, food and drink restaurants, bouncy castles and so much more.

There is also live entertainment on the Piers, things like hook a duck, beat the goalie, jokers, everything and personally the piers just are what makes this amazing sea side the place it is, the epic pictures that you can take from them, the laughs, the fun times, the history, just everything about them are so fun, and it is such a fun place!

Here is some history on the famous piers! North Pier is the most northerly of the three coastal piers in Blackpool, England. Built in the 1860s, it is also the oldest and longest of the three. Although originally intended only as a promenade, competition forced the pier to widen its attractions to include theatres and bars. Unlike Blackpool’s other piers, which attracted the working classes with open air dancing and amusements, North Pier catered for the “better-class” market, with orchestra concerts and respectable comedians.

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