Impact of Scots on Canada- 8 helpful facts.

The impact of Scots on the Empire was very positive in many ways took a lot of skills over, introduced new businesses, contributed to many industries, influence in politics, brought our culture to other societies.

This has to be balanced with more negative effects as the Scots were guilty of treating the native peoples of places like Australia and New Zealand very badly at times. Many Scots were also not always successful- some did not make their fortune or improve their lives. Many did return back to Scotland, but some had to stay in their new country.

Between 1900 and 1939 alone, around half a million Scots migrated to Canada, following thousands who had arrived in the nineteenth century. These Scottish emigrants made a huge impact on Canada, helping it to grow into the successful, modern country it is today.

Impact of Scots on Canada- 8 helpful facts.

Impact of scots on Canada!

Business- For example, fur trade, Scots very involved in fur trade, for example the Hudson Bay company with many scots making their fortunes from it, boosted economy, boosted trade and offered jobs. This was an economic impact on Canada

Business e.g. textiles, steel, iron, scots dominant in textiles, furniture making, paper, sugar, oil, steel and iron and bakery products, boosted, trade and helped business. This had an economic impact on Canada.

industry e.g. timber- Scots dominant in Canada’s timber, Scots dominate in Canada’s timber and paper industry setting up business and others worked in the industry, cutting down and preparing logs- boosted economy, trade and industry.

Agricultural and farming- crop rotation scots introduced new technology like iron ploughs and introduced new techniques such as crop rotation to give better harvests, this developed agriculture and offered jobs.

Place names and language- scots introduced many place names for example nova scotia, Ayr Glasgow, Dundee, and introduced Gaelic language- this impacted culture and still used today.

Sport- Scots introduced many sports like curling, gold and highland games games, and also highland dancing, this impacted culture and the sport is still important today.

Many Scots took Protestant (and Catholic) faith to Canada which led to Presbyterian Church in 1875 and set up churches/charities which were important to communities- to spread Christian faith and continue own worship.

Metis people- Through trade of the Hudson Bay Company, native peoples developed close relationships with Scots, which soon led to intermarriage between the two groups. This was expected as many men had made
journey without a wife. Their children became known as the Métis people- often faced hatred and prejudice. – This led to negative relationships.

Built links with native people including trading and giving medical care Natives taught settlers skills essential
to survival in Canada’s extreme winters e.g. finding food/making clothes. Metis people helped trade flourish,
being able to speak and deal with both Scots and native tribes easily.- this led to positive relationships.

education- Scots set up many schools/ colleges/ universities and influenced the curriculum taught E.g. McGill University, Queen’s University and University of Toronto, this developed Canadas education system.

Introduced many Scottish traditions e.g. bagpipes, tartan, folk songs, Hogmanay, Burns night and began Highland or Burns societies.

Scot, Sandford Fleming was hugely successful- designed first Canadian postage stamp, key engineer on the Canadian Pacific Railway and created the 20 different world time zones. On 17 November 1883 clocks and watches around the world were synchronised to one standard time.

Scots very involved in construction such as the creation of the Canadian Pacific Railway which opened up areas of the country. This Spanned almost 6000 km (3700 miles- George Stephen, a Scottish financier was chief engineer.

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