How To Make Delicious Chinese Chicken Salad In Less Than 30 Minutes

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How to make delicious Chinese Chicken salad in less than 30 minutes!

Are you looking to make a family dinner that everyone will love? Maybe you are looking for a healthy dinner option since you are cutting calories, or just feel like having something that will make you feel a little healthier. This amazing salad will win over everyone’s hearts and make everyone want more! It is perfect for a family event, a quick dinner before you have to rush the kids to football practice or horse riding, and it could even be perfect to take in a packed lunch!

It does not take long to make at all, half an hour or maybe even less, but no matter the time, the taste and flavour in this Chinese chicken salad are worth it! It is super healthy, not time-consuming at all, and everyone will love it, so why not learn how to make it?

Chinese Chicken Salad- Ingredients!

The ingredients that cause this dish to be bursting with flavour,

100g of chicken

½ of a carrot

5ml soy sauce

1 baby corn

15ml of vegetable oil

5ml of sesame seeds

40g of beansprouts

¼ of a red pepper

¼ of a green pepper

As you can see, it does not require that many! Even though our recipe will be quick and easy to make, that does not affect the flavour!

You need a few more ingredients to make the sauce, but it is only-

10ml of wine vinegar

5ml of soy sauce


Chinese Chicken Salad- method!

It does not require much skill to make this quick and easy recipe, so do not worry if you lack experience.

The first thing you want to do is get a meat chopping board and a vegetable knife, but be very careful about cross-contamination as we will be dealing with raw chicken! Get your chicken, and slice the breast into goujons.

Place your sliced goujons into a shallow dish or a bowl and coat them in your soya sauce and 5ml of vegetable oil. Grab your sesame seeds and sprinkle them over the top of the chicken, and leave your chicken to marinate in the sauce, oil and seeds for around 20 minutes!

If you are looking for something to cook in the meantime, you could make a great dessert to enjoy after your Chinese chicken salad! If you want to see some great recipes, just try this link here! There are great desserts and other fun and tasty recipes that anyone can try out!

Once your chicken has marinated in the mixture for 20 minutes, wash and cut your peppers into julienne. Then, wash and cut your carrots into jardinière (reserve 10ml of your carrot for a garnish)

Then, cut your baby corn into slices. Heat the remaining oil that you did not use for the marination in a pan, and add in the marinated chicken. Fry the chicken for around 4 to 5 minutes, until it is all white- no pink- and golden brown skin. You can test for readiness by cutting open one of the biggest pieces of chicken and seeing if it is white the whole way through.

Once it is fried, remove the chicken from the pan with a slotted spoon and set it to the side to cool down.

Add the beansprouts, peppers, carrot and baby corn to the wok in the remaining oil, if any more is needed just add a bit more in, and stir fry for 2 to 3 minutes. Once it is cooked, take it off of the heat and set these aside to cool.

Once all this has been completed, just mix all the ingredients you need for the sauce- 10ml wine vinegar and 5ml soy sauce- and mix these in a cup of the bowl. Arrange your chicken and vegetables together on a serving plate, or a lunch tub, wherever or whatever it is being served on.

Spoon your sauce over the veg and chicken, and then garnish it before serving.

That is it! A delicious Chinese chicken salad, made in less than half an hour!

We hope you enjoy the delicious Chinese chicken salad!

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