Real Debrid Review: Stream Like a Pro!

Streaming your favourite movies and TV shows can be a hassle at times, especially when buffering ruins your experience. That’s where Real Debrid comes in – a service that promises to enhance your streaming experience and provide you with high-quality content without any buffering. In this comprehensive Real debrid review, we will explore everything you need to know about this service, including its features, pricing, benefits, and how it can help you become a pro at streaming.

Key Takeaways

  • Real Debrid enhances your streaming experience by providing high-quality content and faster playback.
  • It acts as a middleman between your preferred streaming service and premium servers, ensuring seamless streaming and downloading.
  • Real Debrid offers various pricing plans and add-ons to suit your streaming needs and preferences.
  • It is legal and safe to use, and the company offers reliable customer support to address any concerns or queries.
  • Real Debrid is a must-have companion for any streaming enthusiast looking to take their experience to the next level.
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What is Real Debrid?

If you’re an avid streamer, you’ve likely heard of Real Debrid. In simple terms, it’s a tool that allows you to easily access premium streaming sources for your favourite content without any download restrictions. Essentially, it acts as a middleman, providing you with a wealth of high-quality streaming options that would otherwise be unavailable.

The service is supported by almost all popular streaming apps, including Kodi, Cinema HD, and CyberFlix TV, among others. Real Debrid seamlessly integrates with these apps, ensuring a hassle-free and straightforward streaming experience for you.

What sets Real Debrid apart is its expansive network of high-speed servers. It connects you to the best available server for faster, buffer-free streaming. The service also supports multiple file hosting websites, such as and, giving you even more streaming options.

Real Debrid unlocks a world of premium content at your fingertips. By providing convenience, high-quality streaming, and more, this unrestricted downloader has become a favorite among streamers looking to elevate their streaming game.

How Does Real Debrid Work?

Real Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that connects you to multiple premium streaming sources for the content you want to watch. It supports over 80 popular file hosts, so you can access the latest movies, TV shows, and more.

Real Debrid acts as a middleman between you and the streaming source, linking you to high-quality servers for faster and buffer-free playback. This service optimizes your streaming experience, providing access to premium sources that aren’t available on traditional streaming services.

Not only does Real Debrid provide faster streaming speeds, but it also ensures that content is available in the highest possible quality. By accessing a vast network of servers worldwide, you can enjoy high-definition content without worrying about buffering or interruptions.

Real Debrid Server Networks Table

Server NetworkCountries CoveredCompatibility
CDN NetworkUSA, Europe, Asia, South AmericaKodi, Plex, VLC, MX Player, and more
Torrent NetworkUSA, EuropeMost popular torrent clients
Filehosters NetworkUSA, Europe, AustraliaChrome, Firefox, JDownloader, Pyload

Real Debrid makes it easy to find the best quality streams for the latest content, giving you the ultimate streaming experience.

Benefits of Using Real Debrid

Real Debrid is more than just a service that unlocks content; it offers several advantages that elevate your streaming experience. Here are some of the benefits of using Real Debrid:

Improved Streaming QualityBy accessing and utilizing premium servers, Real Debrid delivers faster streams with higher resolution, sharper picture quality, and smoother playback.
Faster DownloadsReal Debrid’s service ensures speedy and efficient downloads, with file transfers taking less time than traditional downloading methods.
Access to Exclusive ContentReal Debrid opens the door to a treasure trove of hard-to-find and exclusive content that is not available through other streaming services or websites.
Compatibility with a Wide Range of Streaming Platforms and Media PlayersReal Debrid is compatible with popular streaming apps, including Kodi, and media players like VLC and MX Player, providing flexibility and convenience.

Whether you’re a casual viewer or a hardcore streaming enthusiast, the benefits of Real Debrid are undeniable. With faster streams, better quality, and exclusive content, Real Debrid is a game-changer that takes your streaming experience to the next level.

Setting Up Real Debrid

Are you ready to take your streaming experience to the next level? Let’s get started! Setting up Real Debrid is quick and easy. Here’s what you need to do:

Create an Account

The first step is to create an account on the Real Debrid website. Click on the “Sign Up” button and enter your details, including your email address and a secure password.

Link Your Streaming Apps

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll need to link Real Debrid to your favourite streaming apps. Real Debrid is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including Kodi, Exodus, and many others. Simply follow the instructions provided on the website to link your apps.

Optimize Your Settings

Finally, it’s time to optimize your settings for the best streaming experience. Real Debrid provides several options for tweaking your settings, including adjusting the maximum quality of streams and enabling/disabling certain hosters. Check the “Settings” menu on the Real Debrid website for more.

Pro tip: If you use Kodi, we recommend installing the Realizer add-on. It not only offers a quick way to stream content, but it can also optimize your Real Debrid settings automatically.

Real Debrid Pricing and Plans

Real Debrid offers a variety of flexible and affordable pricing plans to cater to your streaming needs. Whether you prefer to pay on a monthly or annual basis, there is a plan that suits your budget. Additionally, Real Debrid offers various payment methods, including PayPal, credit cards, and Bitcoin, ensuring hassle-free transactions.

Subscription Options

FreeN/AFreeLimited download speed and access to servers
Premium30 days$4.99Unrestricted download speeds and access to all servers
Platinum6 months$23.99Unrestricted download speeds and access to all servers, plus a bonus of 30 days
Gold12 months$39.99Unrestricted download speeds and access to all servers, plus a bonus of 60 days

Each subscription plan offers different features based on the duration of your subscription. With the premium subscription plan, you get unrestricted download speeds, unlimited access to all servers, and access to exclusive content. Meanwhile, Platinum and Gold subscribers can enjoy even more benefits, such as longer subscription periods and bonus days.

No matter which plan you choose, you can cancel at any time before the first day of the next billing cycle, and Real Debrid offers a 15-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re still unsure which subscription plan is right for you, feel free to check out Real Debrid’s website for more information and details about each plan.

Streaming with Real Debrid

Congratulations! You’ve set up Real Debrid, and now it’s time to take your streaming experience to the next level. With Real Debrid, you now have access to an extensive selection of high-quality content, and all you need is an integration with your preferred streaming app to start streaming like a pro.

Integrating Real Debrid with a streaming app is a breeze. Once you’ve linked your account, the available sources of the content will expand, and you’ll start seeing your Real Debrid streams. Some of the popular streaming apps that you can integrate with Real Debrid include Kodi, CyberFlix TV, Cinema HD, and many more.

How to integrate Real Debrid with Kodi

Kodi is a popular media player, and integrating it with Real Debrid can provide you with unbeatable streaming of your favourite movies and TV shows. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Kodi and navigate to the ‘Settings’ option.
  2. Select ‘System Settings’ and then ‘Add-ons.’
  3. Turn on the ‘Unknown sources’ option and then go back to the ‘System’ page.
  4. Click on ‘File Manager’ and then select ‘Add source.’
  5. Enter the URL of the Real Debrid repository and give the source a name.
  6. Head back to the Kodi main menu and select ‘Add-ons.’
  7. Click on the ‘Package installer’ icon and then select ‘Install from zip file.’
  8. Locate the Real Debrid repository and select it.
  9. Install the Real Debrid add-on from the repository.
  10. Link your Real Debrid account to Kodi and get ready to stream!

Once you’re done, you’ll be able to access all Real Debrid sources directly from Kodi. Your streaming experience will be faster and more seamless than ever.

How to integrate Real Debrid with CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV is an excellent streaming app for movies and TV shows, and integrating it with Real Debrid can provide you with an even better streaming experience. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch CyberFlix TV and select ‘Settings.’
  2. Click on the ‘Debrid Suite’ option.
  3. Authorize your Real Debrid account, and you’re done!

With this integration, CyberFlix TV will now provide you with additional sources of content, ensuring you get the highest streaming quality possible.

Integrating Real Debrid with a streaming app is just one of the many ways you can use Real Debrid to enhance your streaming experience. Get started with Real Debrid today, and get ready to stream like a pro!

Real Debrid Add-ons and Extensions

Real Debrid delivers a complete streaming experience by providing users with additional add-ons and extensions. These tools work in tandem with Real Debrid, offering additional features and convenience to optimize playback and usability.

Real Debrid Browser Extensions

Are you tired of opening Real Debrid in a separate tab?
Meet the Real Debrid browser extensions: RD Chrome, RD Firefox, and RD Opera.

Real Debrid’s browser extensions allow you to add links and manage downloads directly from your browser. With these tools, you can easily track and prioritize your downloads, keeping them organized and ready for viewing.

Real Debrid Compatible Add-ons

You can extend the Real Debrid experience by combining it with compatible add-ons such as Gaia, Seren, and Exodus Redux. These add-ons unlock new streaming sources and exclusive content, enhancing your streaming library and providing more options for viewing.

Add-on NameFeatures
GaiaIntegrates with Real Debrid to provide additional streaming sources and cached torrents for movies and TV shows.
SerenOffers fast and reliable Real Debrid integration for effortless playback of movies and TV shows in high quality.
Exodus ReduxCombines with Real Debrid to grant users access to exclusive content not available on other streaming services.

With these additional tools, you can take advantage of the full capabilities of Real Debrid, unlocking new features, streaming sources, and content that will take your streaming experience to the next level.

Is Real Debrid Legal and Safe?

When considering a streaming service, it’s important to consider the legality and safety of the platform you intend to use. With Real Debrid, you can stream content safely and legally.

Legally, Real Debrid operates within the boundaries of French law, where the company is based. Real Debrid has stated that it does not host any copyrighted content on its servers and does not condone the use of its service for illegal purposes.

Furthermore, Real Debrid provides users with an encrypted connection to their servers, ensuring that their data and streaming activity are kept private. Their platform is also secured with SSL encryption, adding an extra layer of protection.

If you have any concerns or questions about the legality or safety of Real Debrid, their customer support team is available to help. They offer a range of resources and assistance options to ensure that you can enjoy your streaming experience safely and with peace of mind.

Real Debrid Customer Support

Real Debrid provides exemplary customer support to ensure your streaming experience is seamless and enjoyable. The company understands that customers seek prompt, professional, and personalized assistance when using their service.

Real Debrid offers several customer support options, including a detailed knowledge base and forum where users can find solutions to commonly asked questions. In addition, they offer direct customer assistance through a ticket system, ensuring that questions and concerns are addressed promptly.

Knowledge Base and Forum

Real Debrid’s knowledge base and forum provide extensive resources for users who prefer self-help. The knowledge base contains articles and guides on various topics, such as account setup, supported platforms, and troubleshooting. Additionally, you can communicate with other users on Real Debrid’s forum, which serves as an interactive community where you can discover tips, share experiences, and find solutions.

Ticket System

If you have an issue that requires personal attention, Real Debrid’s ticket system is available 24/7. You can submit a request through the online form, which goes directly to the customer support team, which aims to resolve problems promptly.

Real Debrid users praise the company’s customer support, stating the support team is helpful and responsive. These attributes provide peace of mind and promote customer loyalty.

Real Debrid takes pride in providing exceptional customer service through multiple channels, ensuring customers receive the best possible support. Whether you prefer self-help through the knowledge base and forum or personalized assistance through the ticket system, Real Debrid ensures your experience is satisfactory and hassle-free.

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Real Debrid is a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their streaming experience. Its vast library of premium streaming sources, fast downloads, and exclusive content make it a must-have tool for any movie or TV show enthusiast. Unlike other services, Real Debrid is easy to set up and compatible with a wide range of streaming platforms and media players.

Moreover, Real Debrid provides excellent value for money, with flexible pricing plans that cater to your specific needs. Whether you are a casual viewer or a hardcore cinephile, Real Debrid has got you covered.

Customer support is top-notch, with a wealth of resources available, including forums, direct assistance, and detailed documentation. The platform is legal and safe, so you don’t need to worry about any legal ramifications or security concerns.

Overall, we highly recommend Real Debrid for anyone looking to take their streaming game to the next level. With Real Debrid, you can stream like a pro and never look back!


What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid is a popular unrestricted downloader that allows you to access premium streaming sources for your favourite movies, TV shows, and more.

How does Real Debrid work?

Real Debrid works by providing you with multiple premium streaming sources for the content you want to watch. It acts as a middleman, connecting your preferred streaming service with high-quality servers and ensuring faster and buffer-free playback.

What are the benefits of using Real Debrid?

By using Real Debrid, you unlock several benefits, including improved streaming quality, faster downloads, access to exclusive content, and compatibility with a wide range of streaming platforms and media players.

How do I set up Real Debrid?

Getting started with Real Debrid is a breeze. We will guide you through the simple setup process, including creating an account, linking it to your favorite streaming apps, and optimizing your settings for the best streaming experience.

What are the pricing and plans for Real Debrid?

Real Debrid offers flexible pricing plans to suit your streaming needs. We’ll break down the different subscription options available, their features, and the cost, helping you choose the right plan for you.

How can I start streaming with Real Debrid?

Once you’ve set up Real Debrid, we’ll show you how to start streaming like a pro. You’ll learn how to integrate Real Debrid with popular streaming apps and enjoy a vast library of high-quality content at your fingertips.

Does Real Debrid offer additional add-ons and extensions?

Yes, Real Debrid offers additional add-ons and browser extensions to enhance your streaming experience. We’ll explore these tools and how they can complement your usage of the service, providing additional features and convenience.

Is Real Debrid legal and safe to use?

We understand the importance of legality and safety when it comes to streaming. We’ll discuss the legal aspects of using Real Debrid and address any concerns you may have regarding the safety and privacy of your data.

What kind of customer support does Real Debrid offer?

Customer support is crucial when using any service. We’ll evaluate the level of customer support offered by Real Debrid, including the availability of resources, forums, and direct assistance, ensuring you have a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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