Is Nibbana significant and interesting in the beliefs for Buddhists?

Nibbana is an important belief for Buddhists. It is the Ultimate goal for buddhists, their full lives they are striving to reach it. You need to stop fuelling the fires of the three root poisons, greed, hatred and ignorance, as when these fires are still burning you are still trapped in the wheel of samsara. When kamma formations have stopped, then rebirth stops and you are no longer stuck in the wheel of suffering.

It is an unconditional state of bliss beyond anything that can be described, which links to the parable of the fish and the turtle. The fish asks the turtle what dry land is like, but since the fish has never experienced it the fish did not believe that it exists, as it can only be experienced, like nibbana.

It is not a Buddhist heaven, but more a Buddhist state of mind. King Mindila, from the 2nd century who is in a lot of Buddhist teachings, describes it as describing wind, it is not a physical thing that we have touched, but we have all experienced it, or like explaining the colour red to a blind person. It is the third noble truth and it is the cure to suffering.

The way to achieve this is to follow the N8P, as it stops suffering. There are many purposes of nibbana, one purpose of Nibbana is it is the main goal of Buddhism, so everything Buddhists do is to lead up to reaching and achieving nibbana, it is to what their striving towards. Working towards the goal of it helps to break free from the cycle of suffering as you stop fuelling three root poisons to get good kamma.

It makes you aware of your actions, and how your actions have consequences that you need to have skilful actions to have a good kamma, for good rebirth and then you will reach nibbana. It makes you stop fuelling the fires of 3 root poisons, and negative thoughts as these will give you a bad rebirth and make you further from nibbana.

Another purpose is it can make Buddhists feel hopeful that there are steps you can take in order to overcome all suffering, and finally reach the final stage which is Nibbana. It links with samsara as you need to break the cycle of samsara in order to reach nibbana, kamma links with nibbana as you need skilful actions to generate good kamma to finally reach nibbana.

One benefit of it is that Buddhists experience no more pain as it is the 3rd noble truth, and the cure to suffering, therefore if someone reaches Nibbana it means they no longer are experiencing suffering. Another positive is that in order to reach it, you have to have skilful actions, to have good kamma, therefore society will become a better place with less evil and suffering.

Another benefit is it helps you accept difficult things as you have retained your mind which is good for your wellbeing. However, one difficulty about it is it is too difficult for Lay Buddhists to achieve. There are too many temptations and distractions for them to meditate for good kamma, stop fuelling the 3RP, etc.

Another difficulty of it is if it really can’t be described and only experienced, how are Buddhists going to have enough motivation to strive towards it. Overall, Nibbana is a very significant belief for Buddhists as even though suffering is a part of life, if Buddhists strive towards Nibbana, stop fuelling 3 root poisons, suffering will end. Furthermore, it ensures a positive, better approach to life so that your out look on life is better, and you are a kinder, positive person. 

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