The importance of the 3 marks of existence- helpful info to know!

In Buddhism, there are 3 marks of existence- Annica, anatta and dukkha! If you keep reading this article, I will describe, summarise all 3 of the MOA’s, and then tell you their importance.

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3 marks of existence- Annica!

One mark of existence (MOE) is Annica. Anicca means impermanence and this is the idea that nothing exists or can stay the same as it is forever as everything is constantly changing. This is a universal law which means nothing is exempt from it and this allows Buddhists to see that
everything is constantly changing, coming to an end or becoming something else. Things change at different speeds; somethings change fast and somethings changing slow e.g., mountains will erode
over time but the weather changes fast. Buddhists believe Anicca causes suffering because things we love or are attached to change or end and we struggle to accept this due to the attachments
we have formed to impermanent things.

This then means that the purpose of Anicca is then to help Buddhists avoid attachments because they understand that it is pointless as everything changes or ends so they will lose it at some
point. This then also means that the purpose of Anicca is then to help Buddhists reduce suffering because when relationships or attachments end/loved ones die it is something they’ll expect so they will be able to accept it. This then shows that the purpose of 3MOE is to show Buddhists they
should avoid fuelling the 3 root poisons because they will understand Anicca and will not be ignorant so will avoid acts such as craving/attachments.

I agree that Anicca is an important belief for Buddhists as avoiding attachment can lead to less suffering that can come from attachments likelosing a loved one so being aware of this will lead to a happier and healthier life. I also agree that the 3MOEs are an important belief for Buddhists as
avoiding the three root poisons helps stop fuelling the wheel of samsara which gives Buddhists a better rebirth/ a step closer to Nibbana.

However, I disagree as I think it can lack importance as avoiding attachment to loved one seems like a miserable existence without family, friends and love. This also seems impossible especially for Lay Buddhists as they will have relationships in the community they live in.

Marks of existence- Anatta!

Another one of the three marks of existence is anatta. Anatta means no soul no self, and that there is no soul passed on when you die, it is your kamma that gets passed on. The purpose of Anatta is that suffering is a part of life, and since people realise that it is actually their kamma that is getting passed on, they have better actions to ensure good kamma.

I think the three marks of existence is important because it helps put a stop to tempting cravings and more, however it is bad because it can leave you feeling depressed and unfulfilled in life.

Marks of existence- Dukkha!

A final one of the three marks of existence is dukkha! Dukkha shows there are different forms of suffering, This refers to the physical and emotional discomfort and pain all humans experience in their lives. There are also different levels of suffering, petty dislike to dire pain. We suffer due to attachments because we are trapped to the wheel.

The purpose of Dukkha is everyone experiences suffering, it is the universal law. I think the three marks of existence is important because it is better for society as it is more compassionate.

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