Piercings- and everything you need to know about the cool things!

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Piercings- and everything you need to know about the cool things!

Piercings are becoming more and more popular from day to day. They are becoming a ‘power movement’ as they make everyone unique, individual and they are really pretty! But, before you go to get a piercing and take cute little pictures of them all, there is many health things that comes along with piercings. They need to be cleaned, changing them, and much more.

If you are thinking about getting a new piercing, then read this to learn about individual piercings including lobe, helix, nose, belly and other cartilage piercings, about their healing times, how to care for them and everything else!

Lobe Piercings!

First off all I will start by describing a lobe piercing. Lobes tend to be a very common first piercing, as they are one of the quickest piercings to heal. The piercing is on a fleshy piece of the ear, therefore is the least painful and will be the quickest to heal.

Lobe piercings take around 6-8 weeks to heal, making sure you clean it twice a day and turn them in the lobes at least, once a day. Once they are not sore to touch anymore, or turn, after around 8 weeks you are able to change your piercing. Just slide the earring into the hole and place the back onto it, making it secure enough that it will not fall off.

This piercing is also very versatile once completely recovered. You can choose a variety of jewellery for your lobe piercing, such as hoops or studs, you can dress them up in whatever fancy jewellery you want!

Helix Piercing!

Usually, when people decide that they want to add to their ear piercing range, then a lot of people either get a second and then third lobe, which all follows the first link, but quite often others look into a helix piercing.

It is placed along the upper ear area and is considered a cartilage piercing. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to look at, but it isn’t as painful as you would first think it to be, especially as its on quite a thin, hard piece of your ear.

This one takes a little bit longer to heal, around 12 weeks, or 3 to 6 months, just depends on your ears. Make sure to clean it 2 time’s a day using either salt water or aftercare solution, but do not turn it as cartilage piercing is usually screw on piercing.

Tragus Piercings!

This is a more subtle one that not many people actually tent to get, even though you may have thought it was a lot more popular!

This is probably the sorest piercing I have got, but honestly, it was not that bad! It only became uncomfortable in situations like wearing earphones as this was pushing it out, or lying on this side for too long not shortly after. It can be difficult to pierce if your tragus is thick, but in the hands of a professional piercer, it should not be a problem. You might feel a tiny bit of pressure once the needle pierces your cartilage, but it will immediately be gone before you can even process it. The end result is a pretty piercing that is perfect if you’re into ~minimalism~.

Belly Piercing!

Since the skin around the navel is quite fleshy, belly button piercings hurt less than other piercing types, like cartilage piercings. However, you are receiving a puncture hole, so there will be some pain involved. Most claim that the navel piercing pinches similarly to an immunization. If you don’t have problems getting shots, then you should be fine. The good news is that the process is quick, and any initial piercing pain will be brief.

Belly piercings take around 5-6 months to heal, maybe even quicker if you follow the right after care and they hardly ever hurt, many say it hurts to lie on your belly with one, but I could do it that night!

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