Write App Reviews For Money – Take This 1 Step To Financial Freedom

Write App Reviews For Money

Of all the ways to make money online, this has got to be the simplest way yet, all you are required to do is write reviews on apps on your phone, sounds too good to be true right? but it is that simple and you don’t need to be an app expert to do it.

write app reviews for money
write app reviews for money

We have covered in the past a few other ways you can make money online from doing paid online writing jobs, live chat jobs, paid social media jobs or even the ability to earn money from your photos all these jobs can bring you extra money but you have to be able to spare the time.

Do you think you have the time to test a few apps out? are you willing to put the effort in and earn up to $25 per app you review? then this could be the ideal job for you or someone you know, you can do it at your own pace within reason of course.

Before these apps get released to the public they need to go through rigorous testing also known as beta testing, this is to make sure there are no bugs in the code if there are they need to be addressed and fixed before being released to the public.

The beauty of doing this kind of work is you don’t need to go to an office or any other type of workplace, you can do it on your couch or even lying in your bed, all they care about is the fact the work gets done, how and when you do it is up to you.

Once you log in the process to start is very easy, you can browse their massive database of apps and when you find an app you would like to test out you would then download it onto your gadget of choice, phone or tablet whichever one suits you.

After you have downloaded and tested all the features of the app to make sure no crashing or dubious behaviour has occurred you would then be asked to write a small but honest review on how you found using the app, you must be honest here if it is bad you need to say that, the same if it is good.

Once your review is posted, the traffic from your review is then monetized (this just means ads can then be placed around your text and when people click on the ads you make money 24/7) the internet never sleeps and neither does your money-making ability.

There is no shortage of apps to test in the database and also no shortage of money you can potentially make, if you write 3 reviews per day that is upwards of $75, you don’t need to be an expert in writing you just have to write what you feel, are there things on the app that could be improved?

List a few bullet points in a notepad with a few comments beside them as you are going over the app you will see how easy and fast it is to get your thoughts out of your head and onto your digital device, the more you do the faster you will get, and ultimately the more money you will make.

They support every country, you will not be denied access to the jobs as some of the other companies have done over the years, they tend to focus on tier 1 countries which is unfair, there are millions of people all over the world more than capable and willing to do a great job.

write app reviews
write app reviews

The process is extremely easy, login, download, test the app, write a review and get paid it is that simple, if I didn’t think it was a viable use of your time I would not have written this review, some of my family and friends are doing it and making $100 per day, not too bad for a few hours work.

Is Write App Reviews Legit

The money-making method of write app reviews for money is not a new one, this has been around since the start of the app craze which goes back as far as 1997 when Nokia came out with the snake game on their phone, this is often considered to be the first real app.

Some other websites over the years have also tried to emulate write app reviews for money and in doing so have given the website a bad and undeserved reputation, normally I would say it’s flattering to be copied but not when they are potentially losing you money.

But in regards to the question is write app reviews legit? yes, it is and can seriously make you a good chunk of change if you are willing to do a good job, don’t be scared if you are not a techie person, the apps are all easily downloaded to your device in a few seconds so you can get to work.

Write App Reviews Login

The main website you should use to log in to is and always has been writeappreviews.com a few other imposter websites have sprung up over the years confusing people, these sites are designed to get your login details, once again be careful where you input your credentials.

How Much Does write app reviews Pay

It’s not so much how much they pay as how much do you want to earn, you can make anywhere from $200 – $500 per day depending on how many reviews you write.


Do you want to earn a little bit of extra money working from home? that is the dream job for most people and the good news is you can do it, not only using this method but in a myriad of other ways, the only problem is you need to find the good from the bad.

This is my favourite way to make money online, I don’t do it too often as I don’t have extra time these days but if you do then this could be the job for you, the 3 steps in the image below are all that is required from you.

It must be emphasized that your review could be the difference between someone buying an app or not which in turn would lose that company money so please just make sure your review and opinions are fair and accurate let’s face it there are a lot of bad apps out there.

From my testing of the platform I can guarantee you will be paid in real money straight to your Paypal or bank account, there is no points system like on some other websites which try to pay you in points instead of money (watch out for that trick!)

How much financial freedom you get from this depends on the number of reviews you write it is that simple, aim to do the best job possible and to do the most reviews and you will see the money come in at a fairly nice speed.

I should note there is a small one-off entry fee of $27 to signup, this is more to separate the people who are serious from the ones that are not and to make sure no bots automatically signup, this was never a deal-breaker for me and if you think about it it’s a good idea.

Start earning some extra cash today, thousands of apps are released every week and someone needs to review them, why not let it be you? Click the image below to read more, an hour or so a day can be the difference between paying your bills or not, get in on it while it’s still hot 🙂

write app reviews

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