Paid Online Writing Jobs Review – Can You Write With A Positive And Competitive Outlook To Earn Extra Cash?

So following on from our live chat jobs review and earn from your photos review we have found another service that offers to make you money online but this time you will be tasked with writing instead of posting on social media or taking photos and uploading them.

paid online writing jobs review
paid online writing jobs review

Believe it or not, writing is not so bad, it is probably the best way you can make money on the internet, if you see the billions of web pages floating around you will see they all have text on them, the search engines need text to survive (as strange as it sounds!) the more text they read the more fresh content they find the higher those sites will rank.

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That text doesn’t just appear from nowhere, if they are not written by the site owners they will have had to outsource them to freelancing sites, which in the end cost a lot of money, depending on the rate they charge it could be anywhere from $10 to $15 per every 500 words which can add up fast.

These guys are pretty much the biggest employers of part and full-time writers on the internet, and they are only growing bigger, once you join you will be able to search through a massive database of writing jobs needing to be done so you can choose which job is suited to your writing style.

Some of the jobs you will see on the site are things like:

  • Being tasked with writing a review on a certain website or blog.
  • Being tasked to proofread certain books by up and coming authors.
  • Being tasked to write reviews on specific companies products be it a kettle or a fridge for example.

It is all very much the same type of writing job, the good thing is you will get faster at it the more you write, you can even dictate on a microphone and let google docs print your text on the screen (that is a little bonus tip for you!) so you actually do no writing but still write.

There is no reason you can’t earn a fair bit of extra cash by doing this type of work, the only thing that can ultimately hold you back is you, no one likes someone who cannot complete a task on time, don’t be that person, mud sticks, always be ready and eager to work and the job choices will be yours.

The higher quality of the jobs the more money you can potentially earn, keep this in mind, people also prefer quality over quantity when it comes to writing so don’t rush out garbage or copy others it will be found out.

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You read that right, you don’t need any previous experience writing for anybody to do these jobs, as long as you have a brain in your head, a computer or laptop with an internet connection you are pretty much ready to go as soon as you want.

There are a few criteria that must be met first before you can get access to the writing jobs and start earning money, there is nothing too elaborate or complicated just the usual legal requirements:

  • You must be 18 years or over to start work.
  • You must have a fairly good internet connection, doesn’t need to be fast but stable.
  • You must dedicate yourself time each day to do the work
  • You must meet the deadlines set out by your employer.

These are pretty standard requirements in most jobs on and offline, the better you are at completing your tasks the better writing jobs and ultimately the better the pay will get for you, that is ultimately why we do anything job-related in life to get better pay (or it should be!)

More and more people are starting to find jobs online to do these days, there is a massive market for it, you should get in on it while it is hot like I should have done with BitCoin in 2013, do not have regrets like me.

The amount of money you can make solely depends on how much you put into it, if you put that extra bit of grit and spend a few days completing your jobs you will see the money start to come in at a nice and steady pace, always try to go that little bit further than everyone else.

You should only log in to the official website via their secure web page which is located at do not fill in your credentials on any other website, there is a few scam looking websites deliberately trying to get members login details.

As the paid online writing jobs market has started to get bigger and bigger like anything in life scammers are trying to get in on the action, a good rule of thumb is to save the link above to your favourites so it is easier to access for you in future.


I knew these types of jobs existed before they became popular, the demand for people who can write reviews or just basic mundane day to day tasks has never been higher than they are right now, you don’t need to be Agatha Christie either, the jobs are all pretty simple.

Or at least if they aren’t to you when you start they will be eventually, it is another easy way to earn money from the comfort of your couch or recliner chair, you will be guided on what they need from you and the deadline, that is how simple it is.

Because these guys are the biggest in the industry they charge a none off fee of $27 before you start, this proves to them who genuinely wants to work with them from the spambots, you will easily earn that back in a day once you start so not a deal-breaker for me.

If you decide it’s not for you then by all means get the 60-day money-back guarantee that they offer, if you are serious about wanting to earn a little more to treat the family or pay those bills click on the link below if you are willing to put in the time and effort the money will come 🙂

paid online writing jobs

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