Septifix Review – Will This Tablet Make Your Septic Tank Happy Again?

Septifix Review

In all my time living in houses (which is substantial just so you know lol) I have never seen or heard of a tablet that can get rid of the stench that septic tanks give off, everything I have tried in the past seems to make it worse, but I have to say these tablets were a godsend and for the price, it was pretty happy.

septifix review
septifix review

Now, these are not the first septic tank tablets to promise to fix the sludge that builds up in your septic tank, I think of them the same as weight-loss products, you just need to keep trying different ones until you find one that works.

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If you keep spending money to get your septic tank looked at I would stop now, not only do they charge crazy fees but it just does not seem to work long term, then you have to rehire more people to come out which ends up being an endless circle.

The action in these tablets is to dissolve the sludge down to a thin liquid that can be easily emptied back out into the environment (without damaging it) this is a bonus, the fact the environment will not suffer, all the chemicals are broken down beforehand.

You can flush them down the toilet and they will get to work sorting out your septic tank problems, some of the issues they are designed to fix are:

  • The smell your tank leaves, this is easily fixed by the tablets.
  • The sticky and gloopy residue that floats on top, this will be broken down.
  • The nasty bacteria hiding inside the tank, this will also be destroyed.
  • The clogging you may or may not face, once again will also be fixed.

Just for the sake of putting a few tablets down your toilet, the above issues will be fixed, do not get me wrong, it won’t happen straight away, it could take up to 3 days until you see results, I say better 3 days than $300 on septic tank repairs.

The tablets are pipe friendly and have been designed not to be corrosive when used over multiple years, this is something people often overlook when using these types of tablets, always ask if they are known to be corrosive over time, if in doubt always Google it.

What you should also see is you don’t need to use the tablets as much after the first few months, just like cleaning in general if you keep on top of it, you don’t need to do it as much, this applies even more so to your septic tank maintenance which you should do regularly.

Before doing a review on these septifix tablets (i do like the name!) I made sure they were professionally manufactured and designed, I found out there is a team of 5 – 6 scientists that were involved in the creation of the tablets and are still hired to continue development which was nice to see.

They have also been tested by government-approved independent laboratories, these types of facts look boring but you are better off doing your due diligence I always say to save you paying money for another product that turns out to be total crap.

septifix tablets
septifix tablets

Like it says on the packaging these tablets are pretty revolutionary, anything that gets rid of that god awful smell is worth it in my book.

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Septifix Tablets

The septifix tablets have been created by a gentleman called Richard V who used to be a plumber (or should I say he still is a plumber) so it is safe to say if anyone has the credentials to come up with a fix for such a problem it would be a plumber.

The unique features of the septifix tablets are:

  • The length in which they work, they work at least 3 times longer than other manufacturers products.
  • The oxygen levels these tablets produce is said to be 10 liters of oxygen per tablet.
  • The speed in which the septifix tablets work, normally it’s 3 days, but they can take upto 5 days to get really going.

After having used them myself, I will say there is no smell, which is my main issue with septic tanks, why do they have to smell so bad? I know it’s because of the bacteria but still lol and the sludge was very liquidy as they said it would be. Easy to pour out in the back garden.

You might need a few months to fully test if the tablets are working on your septic tank, it’s not like body spray which you can press the button and get a nice smell, it will take a few days at least until things start to get going but I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Each tablet contains 14 different strands of bacteria – over 10 billion bacteria strains per gram, oxygenation and pH regulating compounds that safely and effectively boost the growth of bacteria colonies inside your septic tank, allowing them to thrive for up to 90 days. (source:


If you are sick and tired of spending hundreds or thousands of your hard-earned cash getting your septic tank pumped out only for it to happen again a month or 2 later, you will not go wrong trying these septifix tablets out.

I know first hand how much of a pain they can be not only to repair but to upkeep, when I tried sticking a few septifix tablets down the toilet I was not expecting much but I have to say they did do the job, I even have my brother using them.

My conclusion is just to use them! they are not corrosive or will do any damage to your pipes, the chemicals are very subtle and are made that way on purpose so no long-lasting damage is done over time.

If they don’t work for your tank then you can easily get a refund, you will have 60 days before you need to initiate it, but from what I can see these septifix tablets are the real deal. I will report back any updates in future.

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