Live Chat Jobs Review – Can You Happily Make Money Live Chatting To People?

Live Chat Jobs Review

A while back we did a paying social media jobs review to see if it was possible to make money online it turns out was possible and a lot of people were doing it, now there is another job opportunity hitting the rounds live chat jobs where instead of speaking to a computer you will be the one to talk to the customers, so can you happily make money doing this we were wondering, let us see.

live chat jobs review
live chat jobs review

Over the past few months, I have noticed a surge in online jobs being posted which from the outside look too good to be true, but in reality, the jobs being posted do legitimately need to be done by humans and not robots or even AI technology as the questions must be replied to very specifically.

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This is not an enviable job by any means lol at least by me as after years of doing online support with my software line responding to customers was just really a pain in the backside I wish I had this service back then it would have been helpful.

You are probably wondering if it is possible to just sit back type away to people and make money, right? the answer is yes you can, whether or not you can do it happily is another matter, it depends on your personality, do you like interacting with people?

If you do this could be the right job for you, this is a job make no mistake about that, you have to dedicate time to fulfilling your role, you can’t just watch TV instead one day if you don’t feel like working that will result in quick termination and any wages you have accrued being withheld and rightly so.

There are advantages to doing this type of work, being able to work from home is probably the biggest, great communication with your superiors and your fellow live chat jobs workers, everyone I saw was pretty well accommodating which makes you feel at ease.

It is also one of the jobs that unfortunately has a high turnover of workers, this is not because the jobs are bad or there is something wrong with the company it is purely because people can’t stand interacting with customers and say cheeky remarks which ultimately get them disciplined and fired.

If you have a positive personality, this will shine through and you will get better and better jobs, as well as bonuses, it is free to be nice to people, as cliche as that sounds it is true if you don’t have a positive mindset don’t do this kind of job period.

The wages do vary depending on how many live chat jobs you undertake, making $700$1000 should be relatively easy and trust me you will have earned that money every penny of it, there is no denying working with the public can be taxing on the soul.

This is what you can expect once you are hired to do the live chat jobs which do seem to be the best paid up until this point:

  • You will initially earn $25$30 per hour.
  • You do not need any type of experience, just be positive.
  • You will not be turned away depending on the country you live in, these guuys are a fair company.
  • You can and will be pretty much expected to start working straight away.

You will be working with assigned companies and be tasked with answering their queries, sending out links to products on their websites, and just generally being support for the company you are working for.

As more and more companies are working online, this is one of the best chances to get established, once you are known for your high quality of work you can renegotiate your wages don’t undervalue yourself make sure you get what you are owed.

The good part is you will get paid daily, so if you feel the job is not right for you it’s easy to break away, you will be under no contractual obligations to work week or months at a time you just don’t sign in for work the next day, but do not leave midway during the day this is bad form.

Don’t worry about what you need to do and when you need to do it you will always be told what needs done and guided to what tasks need to be completed, if it is a product-based business you will receive the links to all products and the text you need to send to the customers.

What you will find is it is the same questions or type of questions people ask over and over, this is all accounted for and will be in the notes sent to you before you start work, don’t be scared to say you don’t understand something, your superior will advise you in this regard.

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I am surprised no one else that I could see has reviewed live chat jobs or there was certainly none that I could see, this is a great way to make extra cash IF you have the character and patience to do it full-time, I did it for a week and got paid $458 just to test if it was legit.

And the conclusion is it is very much legit, it takes time and a certain character to deal with online queries mainly because not all customers are nice people! the reason most of them go on to live chat is that they want quick answers and they expect you to deliver.

If you still feel you can do this type of job hit the banner below to be taken to their official website, it is a good way to get extra pennies, but you will work for each one! that is not a bad thing, it’s the way the world works and so it should there is no such thing as a free lunch! I hope it works out for you!

live chat jobs

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