Teach My Child To Read – The Winning 2 Stage Secret Program Used By Teachers Worldwide

Teach My Child To Read

This is one of the most important things a child should get to grips with and be able to do when they are old enough to, being able to read properly will dictate how their future will be in regards to everyday tasks and even what jobs they can get hired to do.

teach my child to read
teach my child to read

Every child is indeed different in terms of their ability to read, some children can learn fast and others don’t seem to have the patience to sit and read, this is ok, you should not feel bad about this, they just need a little extra help and this program will also cover this.

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It is not healthy to get mad or try to rush your child to read, everyone is different it will come in time, it primarily comes down to how your child is taught as opposed to being a time factor issue, if they feel relaxed and confident they are more likely to take the information in better.

This program has taught a lot of kids to read, currently, the number stands at 216,000 looking at the official website, which means there is a heck of a lot of parents who can blow a sigh of relief knowing their child has the fundamentals of life mastered.

The author of the program Jim (an ex-school teacher) has deliberately made each of the lessons bite-sized so your child does not get overwhelmed, this is why most children fail to read in the first place they get mind fog and zone out which makes them not retain the information being taught.

The program also works for children of all ages, 2 years+ is the optimal time to begin learning, the sooner you start the sooner it will be stored in the memory banks, reading is not something you forget so it will be with them for life.

Slow and steady wins the race which is why Jim developed the teach my child to read program the success rate is through the roof, there is a vast array of testimonials from parents on the program, it is easy to see why it gets all the accolades it does.

If you have kids from the age of 2 to 6 years of age this program is ideal for them to start learning, even if your child is slower than others to learn that is no problem and is catered for in the program, the creators know everyone learns at different speeds this is just human nature at play.

After the program has been completed your child should be able to look at the text on a screen or page and be able to understand the words shown and in what order and also how to say them exactly as they should be said.

It is easy for us adults to look at words and be able to read them as they should be read, but in younger minds, these can look scary, it is up to us as adults to get the proper help to help our kids read before they go to school, as we all know too well bullies will be lurking somewhere.

teach my child to read
teach my child to read

With just a few minutes each day, you can give your child one of the best gifts, the ability to read, it will help in every facet of life from learning to drive to watching tv to even reading up on current events, the list is practically endless.

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Teach My Child To Read Program

The program comes in 2 stages, with easy follow along with lessons, they are broken down in such a way your child will be able to grasp and retain what is being taught, it looks daunting to a child at first but they will easily get to grips with the lessons.

  • Stage 1 – This is classed as the beginner stage, which covers the foundation skills of learning the child to read.
  • Stage 2 – This is no longer in the beginning stages, this tackles the more advanced skills needed to complete the learning process, it complements stage 1 very nicely.

You might be thinking that there are not many stages to follow, and you are right, but this is exactly the way it is meant to be with precise learning, everything in the program is there for a reason there is no unnecessary filler just to make the program look bigger than it is like some other programs do.

In stage 1 alone there are 28 lessons, which covers how the words sound phonetically this is very powerful and turns into blending the words to form longer sentences, which will then turn into full nursery rhymes and stories your child will be able to understand.

In stage 2 they focus more on reading the actual words as opposed to how the words sound, this is the crux of the learning process coming together to make sure your child can understand what is in front of them.

By stage 2 your child should have very in-depth knowledge of how to read words together and in a tone that flows naturally, it is so important to master this at an early age with your child, as we mentioned before this will affect their entire future.


The conclusion here is simple if you have children who are having a hard time reading this is a must-have program for the price, reading is one of the fundamental things that must be mastered in life it will affect what course their life takes and the opportunities available to them.

This program is the best in its field and has the reviews and data to back it up, thousands of parents worldwide have used this program to teach their children to read with great success, it is better to catch these things at an early age so they can be fixed quickly.

The overall success will depend on your teaching style too, patience is a must, not everyone can take things in quickly if you feel the program is not working you can, of course, request the 60-day money-back guarantee click the link below to visit the official website for more information.

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