Sangha- 2nd most important festival in Buddhism.

There are many purposes for the sangha. It can be known as the worldwide spiritual community of buddhists, where they get together to practise teachings. It can also refer to smaller communities, like the monastery with monks and nuns. It is a life of devotion to buddhist ideals, and was created by the buddha (1K). The Buddha established the sangha to provide a sanctuary for Buddhists who travelled about to teach other buddhists about buddhism, for example teaching them about nibbana (1K).

This was made as Buddha wanted to preserve the Buddha’s teachings like Dhamma so that the religion would continue even after the Buddha had passed away (1K).

It also allows buddhist ideals to be taught to other buddhists to learn about their religion, and it allows there to be a place for buddhists to educate others. Sangha day, known as the 4 fold way, allows others to observe the buddhist practices like meditation, and learn more about them. Sangha day is the second most important festival in Buddhism as it allows Buddhists to celebrate their community (1K).

Sangha day is a chance for people to reconnect, and reaffirm their commitment to buddhist teachings and practices, like the Dhamma. It is in remembrance and commemorating the spontaneous gathering of 1250 enlightened monks coming to hear Buddha preach (1K). At this gathering, the Buddha gave his first sermon, sharing the rules and regulations of the monastery which allowed other Buddhists to pass on his wisdom about the 3 jewels of Buddha (1K) .

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Purposes of it

One purpose of the Sangha is it provides education about the religion and it’s beliefs and practices to buddhists, by allowing buddhists to attend short courses for learning, for example, meditation courses (1A).Another purpose of the Sangha is to commit for short periods of time to learn about buddhism and buddhists can ask for support or advice on difficulties they are facing from other buddhists (1A).

Another purpose of the sangha is so that monks and nuns can lived removed from society and devote themselves to their religion, in some countries, boys are sent to the sangha, in Thailand, to live for a year (1A). Another purpose of it is that if you are part of the buddhist community, you can ask for support and guidance, based from which all beliefs and practices are taught, if you are a lay buddhist, you can provide for the sangha (1A). 

If you are Lay Buddhist, you can provide for the Sangha and it an help Buddhists stay focused on the path and give somewhere for Buddhists to detach themselves from the outside world. It also has ensured the religion has been preserved and ideals of the teachings and practices.

Sangha benefits and difficulties.

One benefit of this is that it helps You stay committed to your religion as you have practical things to do which can help you understand it better as More focused on main goal (purpose) as it gives something to focus on. Another main benefit of this is Lay Buddhist can learn and gain good Kamma. Again, another benefit of this practice is it has kept religion alive even after the Buddhas death, and has kept the religion, teachings, practices and more going. One final benefit of the sangha is that it allows them to gain knowledge which will lead to wisdom.

However there are many difficulties of this practice. One difficulty of it is the Sangha is only useful if you live close, what happens if you are living in a non-Buddhist country. Another difficulty is that it is seen as just selfish to make others provide for you could be seen as a selfish action just to focus on enlightenment.

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