Lush- my favourite 3 amazing products!

Lush. One of my favourite shops that get me right in the mood for a self care Sunday reset! It is full off fresh facemasks, hair products to make you always have good hair days, a full range of products that help you sleep, of course a whole range of their famous bath bombs, and so much more that any self care queen could ever dream off using before, during and after your everything shower. If you want to know my top 3 products that make me feel super refreshed!

Soap bars, body scrub, everything you could imagine, I’m about to tell you my top 3 Lush products!

Bath Bombs!

One of lush’s most famous products is their bath bombs, Lush co-founder Mo Constantine invented the first ever bath bomb in her garden shed in 1989 and ever since then they keep getting more and more popular! Seasonal bath bombs, all year round favourites, famous ones like snow fairy, all of these bath bombs are perfect for a nice self care bath.

Run a nice warm bath with no bubble bath or anything and once it is half full with warm water, carefully drop it in the water and watch it all fizz up and your bath go colourful! This makes your skin soft and smooth, your water soft and your bath so much more fun!

here are some of my all time favourite bath bombs
– love letter
-Love bang
-Toby’s magic cow
-deep sleep
-golden egg

image 15

to purchase a bath bomb, click on this link here!

lush face masks!

image 17
amazing refreshing facemasks!

Improve your night routine, your self care Sundays, your skin care with these amazing fresh face masks! Put your best face forward with our collection of hydrating and natural beauty face masks for your skin. Upgrade your skincare routine with our range of fresh masks, all made using natural ingredients. From clay, charcoal and honey, to aloe Vera, coffee and avocado, level up your shiny skin with our face masks for skincare.

Cosmic warrior, Ayesha, mask of maginity, beauty sleep, matcha and so many more facemasks for a good price that keep your skin feeling fresh. These are one of my favourite lush products as they are a low price, last a while and if you collect 5 empty tubs, you can take in your cleaned out tubs and get a free mask!

Lush toner water!

Toner water is a refreshing spray that calms your skin, makes it glow, takes down inflation and so much more. There are 3 main types of toner spray that all do different things! Examples include-

Tee tree toner water
This refreshing tea tree toner contains cleansing and balancing tea tree, juniper berry and grapefruit waters that get complexions looking luminous and fresh, while also keeping excess oils in check! Spray a few sprays over the face or on a cotton pad and wipe it over your face!

Eau Roma Water
Sometimes things are best kept simple, lavender and rose waters are like an afternoon tea for your face, quenching, calming, and balancing your skin making it glow! The finest rose absolute from Senir in Turkey is dispersed in water to create the gentle, relieving rose water found inside this toner.

Breath of fresh air
Use this refreshing spray spritz all over your face for a breezy bliss of rich minerals and rose to help reduce redness and cool down, or use on a cotton pad after cleansing for an extra fresh feel.

image 16
Lush toner water!

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