My favourite gym workout! 1 hour powerful gym routine!

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Maybe your bored of your current workout, maybe it was your new years resolution to loose weight, maybe you’ve booked a holiday and you want to get in shape, maybe your not happy with your current weight, maybe your wanting to workout to relieve stress and help your mental health, or maybe your just looking for a new workout and routine to do at the gym, but my 1 hour favourite workout will fit any of your goals!

I try go to the gym 3 times a week whilst following a healthy diet, and this is my main routine for weight loss, with a bit of muscle gain. I tend to do this once or twice during the week and it works so much and I feel so much better! Results come so fast too!

Cardio- start of workout.

So basically cardio is a huge huge HUGE part of this workout as it builds up a sweat and that is what makes the weight drop, so I tend to do cardio for around half an hour, therefore half of my workout. It helps to warm up to make sure you don’t damage any muscles, is a huge part of weight loss and helps to take your mind off lots!

I first start off on the treadmill. I start off with a slow pace walk, at around 3 miles per hour. I only do this for around 2 minutes before I increase my incline to incline 10. I then walk at this speed, this height for around 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you may start to feel warmer, but then we go harder! Increase your speed to 3.5 miler per hour, and your incline to 15.

I like to do this for 10 minutes, and then increase to 4 miles per hour, but if you feel more comfortable staying at 3.5, this works great too! After about 15 minutes, so your workout is at about 20 minutes, slowly decrease speed, and then hop off the treadmill!

After about 20 minutes of cardio, for the last 10 minutes of this section I use the cross trainer. Cross trainers are good for building up a sweat and burning calories, if your cross trainer has the option to increase the level, the most I like to go is roughly level 3, and I tend to go quite fast. this again is great for building up a sweat and you roughly burn about 100 cal on this!

Once you have done that you have completed the first part of your workout, well done! You should have burned about 250 calories in the space of maybe half an hour! remember your mind quits before your body does, don’t give up!

Muscle- 1 hour workout.

This next part will last around 15/20 minutes, where you work on toning your body as your workout should be consistent and not just cardio! I will give a list of all the exercises I do to keep consistent and tone my body! Just grab an exercise mat and a dung bell, any weight your comfortable with, and join in!

  • 3 sets- 10 reps- ab crunch
  • 3 sets- 10 reps- bicycle crunch
  • 2 sets- 10 reps- Russian twists no weight added.
  • 2 sets- 10 reps-dead bugs
  • 1 set- 10 reps- elevated crunch (if you have a bench)
  • 1 minute hollow hold
  • 1 set- 10 reps- dung bell Russian twists
  • 1 minute mountain climbers
  • 3 sets- 10 reps- donkey kicks (each sides)
  • 3 sets- 10 reps- lunges.

And that is your toning section of your workout complete!

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Power plate- workout cool down!

The last section of your workout mainly consists of stretches. However, I recommend using a vibration plate to get this to the best advantage of your cool down!

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