The creator of the Universe- 3 interesting religious beliefs.

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The creator of the Universe- religious beliefs.

Science- how the universe was created theory 1.

One non-religious viewpoint is Science. Scientists believe that the universe was created through the Big Bang. The Big Bang is a theory that the universe was created 13.8 Billion years ago from an event called a singularity. After this particles were produced which were then developed into the protons, neutrons and electrons which became the main atoms and molecules of the universe. Following on from this, solar systems came into existence including our own around 4.6 billion years ago and then came life which was created though the theory of evolution.

Charles Darwin created this theory which shows life developed over millions of years from tiny microbes into all the different species we see today. This means that all of life have begun from the same life source or common source. During evolution, the life we see today has survived through a process of natural selection or survival of the fittest which means you have to adapt to
changing surroundings if you wanted to survive. This means that all life has evolved from
something else.

This then means that scientists would not believe that origins requires a creator as they
would reject religious accounts such as Genesis as there is no proof in these stories whereas
science has evidence such as background radiation or fossils which show species who failed
to adapt . This then also means that scientists may not think that there is purpose in
origins as the Big Bang and Evolution were random with no cause therefore it happened by
random chance.

I would then agree with this view when considering origins requiring a creator as it can
be proven as the process which scientists use to ensure that each theory has been tested by
multiple experts to make sure it is 100% true unlike religion which is just down to blind faith. However, I would disagree with this view as the Big Bang and Evolution is no more than
just a theory so it could include personal bias or own agenda so may not be 100% true.

Therefore to a certain extent I would agree with this scientific view as they can give a
better explanation to why there is no creator.

Christianity- how the universe was created theory 2.

One religious view I have studied is Christianity. Christians look to Genesis 1 and 2 to explain the origins of life and universe. In Genesis 1 it tells Christians that a divine creator created the universe in 6 days. God created the heavens and the earth first by saying “let there be light” (1). Next, God created the stars and the skies as we know it and created it perfectly for humans as he created life on days 5 and 6.

Humans were the last of God’s creation and the most superior of all with the purpose
of being stewards for the universe. In Genesis 2, God created man from soil, sand and
clay and in the image of God. Man (Adam) was lonely so God put man to sleep and created women (Eve) from his rib. Literal Christians believe that the Bible is the exact word of God therefore, 100% true and infallible.

This then means that Literal Christians would reject the theories of Evolution and the Big
Bang and agree to a creator as these stories are not in the Bible so they cannot be true (1).
This then also shows that Literal Christians think that you only need your faith in God to
understand origins as they believe universe and life was created for a reason and gives them
purpose in life (1).

I would then agree to a certain extent as I think it is unrealistic as some stories in the
Bible are too farfetched for example how can a God you’ve never seen or have no proof of
God creating a universe or life? However, I would also agree as at least the Bible stays
the same and isn’t constantly changing unlike science which is only a theory so is subject to

Therefore to a certain extent I would not agree with religious views to there being a
creator as there is contradictions in stories of Genesis 1&2.

Liberal Christianity – how the universe was created theory 3.

Another religious view I have studied is Liberal Christians. Liberal Christians have a symbolic interpretation of the Bible therefore they may see the passages as metaphors so do not see the Bible as literal fact but look for meaning behind thep assages.

This idea is supported by many Christians as they will accept that God could have
used the Big Bang or Evolution as his tool to create life/universe. This shows that Liberal Christians would agree with the idea of a creator and science and
religion are compatible as religion can tell us why we were created and science can tell us how.

I would then disagree with this view as essentially Liberal Christians are picking and
choosing what to believe in so how do you know if there is a creator or not? Overall this shows that Liberal Christians believe that science can work with religion to
prove that there is a creator.

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