Life stages of Buddha – the 7 stages in great detail

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Life stages of Buddha- the 7 stages in great detail!

The Buddha, he is the founder of the great religion Buddhism, real name Siddhartha Gutana. He is the main topic of conversation in Buddhism, and so many other conversations, There is many interesting facts about him, like the fact he actually lived as a normal man and human being, lived in India, born a prince and many more interesting facts about him, however, have you ever actually thought or researched his 7 stages of life and looked into it? Keep reading to find out more about them.

Stage 1- birth!

The first stage in his life was, obviously, birth. Now I know you will be thinking, how is this special? Everyone’s life starts with birth? Well, no one else’s birth was quite like this one!

This was a pain free birth, meaning that his mother felt no pain at all during the birth, which we know is very unusual, also he was born a toddler who could walk and talk straight after birth, lotus flowers grew at his foot steps when he walked. Many people saw him as a miracle. As his mother was giving birth, a tree bowed down in her honor.

All these things highlighted he was going to be a huge impact to society, as we know that not many children are born like this.

Stage 2- his future.

Not long after Siddhartha was born, they looked into his future, and done a telling. This told his parents that he was either going to become a great king, or a spiritual leader. His dad was actually really unhappy with the idea of him becoming a spiritual leader, and his dad wanted him to become a great king, just like he was.

Stage 3- life as a prince.

When buddha was very young, his mother passed away after becoming ill. Therefore his dad ensured buddha was sheltered away from all pain and suffering. He had a life of luxury, sheltered from all evil suffering. Becomes disillusioned with his life and feels discontent.

Stage 4 of buddha’s life- four sights

Buddha suddenly has an urge to leave the place and see what he has been hidden from his full life. He goes on his adventure, but the world beyond his palace is not what he expects it to be and he actually see’s 4 sights he was not aware of- old man, sick man, dead man, holy man.

Stage 5 of buddha’s life- truth!

Siddhartha did not like the four sights of the true world that he saw, so he left everything behind, his family, his 3 palaces, even the baby that was due any day. He set out and started the path to find the truth about the world.

Stage 6- middle path!

He starts his life as an ascetic, deprives himself of food, water and also shelter. Siddhartha chose to live his life like this for around 6 years, but he was no closer to finding the truth about the world. One day, he hears a musician by the stream, who said to him “if the string is too tight it will snap, if it is too lose it won’t play”. This then made him realise that he must follow the middle path as he was between self denial, and self indulgence.

Finally, stage 7- enlightenment!

Siddhartha, buddha, then meditates under the bodhi tree, and life begins to tempt him, however, he must overcome this! He overcomes all of these and reached enlightenment, he was free from suffering. So if he could overcome these, why can’t everyone else?

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