The 7 Stages Of Using Rice Water For Extreme Quick Hair Growth

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The 7 stages of using rice water for extremely quick hair growth

What is rice water?

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Before we start, I know most people will be thinking, “ew why would I put rice water in my hair?” And “what is rice water” well, rice water is the starchy water left over after rice is cooked or left to soak. It is thought to make the hair smooth, as well as help it grow faster. It takes a few times of using rice water to see a big difference, but even after one shot, it is worth a try!

It can also have effects like making hair shinier, and less likely to tangle and believe it or not, it can prevent grey hairs! you use rice water, once to two times a month, making it look gorgeous, but using it too often can make it dry! So, now that I’ve told you how good rice water is, I know you’ll want to make it. So let me tell you all about how you make it and how you use it.

Making rice water – step one

To start with rice water, you want to fill a bowl with water. The water has to be at a mild temperature, not freezing or boiling, and use enough water that would cover your whole head of hair. I use around 500ml personally for long, thick hair.

Once you have water, get a nag of boil in the bag rice. It has to be plain rice used for rice water, and any can be used but boiling in the bag is a great one as it is already measured and stuff. Cut open the bag, and pour all the rice grains into the water.

For the next step you might want to make sure you have clean hands, and take off jewellery as it’s going to get a little messy. Your going to take both hands, and dunk them into the water, picking up a big bundle of rice grains. Rest them in your palm. leading up your fingers. Taking your thumb, rub the rice grains into the water, getting all the nutrients out of the rice.

Do this for a while, around 5-10 minutes, until the water starts to look cloudy. It goes this colour because all the proteins and nutrients are leaving the rice and soaking in the water. Now for the boiling!

Boiling your rice water

Now, I’m not going to lie, rice water doesn’t smell the best. So at this point, you can add naturally scented products if you wish! for example, many people peel an orange or tangerine and keep the skins on a plate at the side.

Add your rice water to a pot on low heat. If you want to add fruit peels or any type of scent, add them to the pot at this time. Gently stir your mixture making sure that it isn’t sticking to the bottom. Keep the rice water on low heat the whole way through the oiling process, and the most it can get is simmering slightly. If it starts to boil, either take the mixture off for a minute or turn it fully down to a super-low flame.

Once your pot has been on heat for about twelve to fifteen minutes, turn off the heat and put your pot on a pot stand. If you added any peels, this is your time to remove them and if you wish, you can drain the water into a bowl to get anything out, but I recommend not because it may remove proteins.

Pour your mixture into a tub or container, and place the lid on. Now it is time to ferment your rice water.

Place the container to the side of your cabinet or counter, and leave it there for three to four days at room temperature, fermenting it for all that time. This allows the rice water to set and helps it all mix through. Some people put theirs in the fridge, but it is much better for your hair if it’s left at room temperature.

How to use rice water

Once you have let your rice water sit for a few days, it’s time to use it! When you have a shower, take the container in with you.

Start by washing your hair normally, using two shampoos and massaging one of them into your root and the other onto the ends of your hair. Make sure they are both rinsed out at a lukewarm temperature, and now we deal with the rice water.

Pour the rice water over your hair, covering all of it and massage it into the scalp. Once you have covered your whole head, let the rice water sit in your hair for about 15 minutes to let all the nutrients soak in. your hair will start to feel almost scratchy at this point, but that’s okay because we are going to condition it soon and make it nice and moisturised. Once you have let the rice water soak into your hair and scalp it’s time to rinse.

Rinse out the rice water, using a colder temperature but not completely freezing. You need to make sure you give your hair a good rinse, as leftover rice water can make your hair dry up as starchy water can be damaging if left in. Once all the product is defiantly washed out, take your conditioner and condition it as normal, leaving it to sit for a while to allow the moisture to soak in once again.

Once your hair has been washed and rinsed, style it however you like but I recommend drying it so that you can see the difference and progress that has already happened. As I said before, make sure you don’t use rice water too often as this could be called “over proteins” and make your hair dry. Do this once to twice a month, and just after a few shots, you will see a massive difference.

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