Anatta and Annika- 2 of the 3 great marks of existence.

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Anatta and Annika- 2 of the 3 great marks of existence.

There are 3 main marks of existence, Anatta, Annica, and Dukkha. Today, I am going to talk about two of the three main marks of existence- I am going to talk about Anatta and Annika.

Anatta- kamma.

Anatta is one of the three marks of existence. This is when Buddhists believe that there is ‘no soul or no self’. This means that there is no soul that gets passed on to another life when someone dies. Anatta is Annica, but it is the human version, and applies to humans. It is your kamma, which flows from existence, to existence.

This makes people realise it is your kamma that is passed on, so you will have better actions such as being kind or compassionate towards each other. This means the world may be a better place if everyone is treating each other with skilful actions such as compassion and kindness.

Anatta is one of the three marks of existence. There are 5 skandhas consciousness sensations, mental formations, physical from perceptions. Non acceptance for Anatta leads to suffering. There is the chariot analogy, if you take away any parts of the chariot it will not function therefore just like the chariot, we all need our skandhas to be human.

This then allows you to stop craving attachments. Makes more aware that your actions have consequences which will end you having more skilful actions, a better rebirth and then eventually enlightenment.

Annica- impermanence

Annica means impermanence and impermanence means nothing lasts forever. Buddhists believe that this is a universal law because everything in the universe is constantly changing and becoming something else. Somethings change slow and somethings change fast for example the weather that changes rapidly or the mountain that slowly erodes over time.

This then means that the purpose of Annica is to show you that permanence is an illusion and things will never stay the same, and if we do not accept this, we will never overcome attachment and cravings.

If Buddhists do not accept Annica it will lead to dukkha. Dukkha means life is unsatisfactory of suffering. There are different types of suffering from petty dislikes to dire pain. Suffering is a consequence of not accepting Annica and the idea that things do not last which is because we are ignorant to impermanence.

This then shows the purpose of Annica is to show Buddhists the harsh reality of the world around us so that they can overcome suffering and achieve enlightenment.

Buddhists can see the nature of change in the world and life. This can be seen in the life of buddha and when the different stages of his life, when he saw impermanence for the first time through the four sights before he reached enlightenment. Attachments to things that are not permanent causes us to suffer however we should realise that things have come to an end as this is the natural cycle of life.

This then shows that the purpose of Annica is to allow Buddhists not to have unskilful actions so their actions are not fuelled by greed hatred or ignorance. This is important for Buddhists as it means they will be able to deal with things in life much easier such as death, relationships coming to an end, etc, etc.

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That is everything that you need to know about Anatta and Annica.

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