Get Beautiful Eyebrows In Just 15 Minutes

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Get beautiful eyebrows in just 15 minutes!

One of the main features of the face is your eyebrows. They frame your face, they are a focal point in your face and they need maintaining! Eyebrows can be tweezed, brushed, filled in, soaped, shaved and much more. So therefore again they need to be maintained and taken care of, to make you feel fabulous!

Brush your eyebrows

The first step is to brush your eyebrows. Brush them in an upwards motion, making all the hairs look separated. Make sure you have no product or bacteria in your eyebrows, and I do recommend cleansing them with micellar water or just hot soapy water!

Again, as I said, get an eyebrow brush or spoolie and brush your brows upwards, making them look tidy.

Trim your eyebrows

Get eyebrow scissors, (they can be bought in-store or online), and let’s get tiding!

Many people like to map out their eyebrows before trimming, so if you would like to do this, here’s how!

Using your Eyebrow pencil as your ruler, rest your pencil on your nostril, not the outer edge of the nose. This is where your brow begins. Then, angle the pencil across the eye and through the pupil, this is where your arch starts. Angle the pencil across the end of your eye, this is where your eyebrow ends. And now you are ready to start trimming!

get a spoolie, and brush into your mapped shape. Gently trim anywhere that is outside of your white lines, making them neat and tidy. Make sure you don’t cut them too short, and you can still get them to look natural and fluffy, but also effortlessly stunning.

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Tidy around your eyebrows!

There are many ways to tidy your eyebrows but the main two are plucking and dermoplading, so I’m going to talk about both of them!

starting with dermoplading (shaving them with a special razor, which I will go into more detail about later on). The first frequently asked question is, is it bad to shave your eyebrows? Well, everyone’s hair grows back at various rates, and your eyebrows may grow at a different pace than the hair on your face, which causes shaving your brows pretty risky. You can’t predict how long it will take for the brows to grow back, due to the rate of hair growth being hereditary and age-related.

Also, how to shave your eyebrows? If you use the blade in the opposite direction, you can nick your skin and perhaps create ingrown hairs. Instead, gently stroke the razor in the direction that which your eyebrows grow. Also, avoid shaving above your eyebrows or they could look unnatural.

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Now, plucking! Personally, my method is to dermoplade them into a perfect, pretty shape and then get any other stray, difficult hair with my tweezers. Eyebrow hairs don’t always grow back, so it’s crucial not to over-pluck or you may risk damaging or losing eyebrow follicles for good. You should pluck your eyebrows every two to three weeks if you want to keep them maintained but as I said earlier everyone is different and hair grows at different rates so it is your choice how often you pluck them.

How do I pluck my eyebrows? firstly, grab your tweezers and a spoolie, making sure you have a good pair of tweezers because this has a big impact. Start on the arch and then work your way to the end, tweezing hairs that are out of place and cause a messy look. Then go to the start of your eyebrows, not removing much, just tidying, and into the monobrow again tweezing away any stray hairs.

now we’re going to get ready to tint your eyebrows!

Tinting your eyebrows!

The first thing is first, die is really easy to smudge and stain, so a good tip is to get vaseline or petroleum jelly and outline your eyebrows or anywhere near the area that you wouldn’t want to dye to stain on, and apply vaseline. This prevents the die from staining this area of the skin, making your eyebrows look neat and perfect.

Start by making sure you use a good die (I love the eye lure pro-brow dye gel, 100% recommend) Brow tints last around three to eight weeks and are very effective. The dark, boldness that you get for the first day or two does die down. Mix the products you received in your kit together, usually 1cm of paste and 2-3 drops of solution, and get a brush. Start to paint on your tint, in the shape that you want your brows to be. Many people don’t tint the start of their brows so that they don’t look “blocky” but I recommend filling them in at first, and then removing dye halfway through the process.

Set a timer for your desired time (the recommended time is 8 minutes, but the longer you leave the time the darker, so you can either remove it earlier or leave it on to set longer). If there are any stray or out-of-place hairs that are outside the dye, pluck them away while waiting. Once you feel your tint has set, it is time to remove it. You can either use a damp, not-soken wet, cotton wool or cotton pad, or you can use a fully dry one. Gently just drag it over, removing all your product and making sure there is no dye left.

It is important to make sure there is no excess product as this will just get darker for hours, ending up extremely dark.

Finishing your eyebrows

now all you need to do is brush them with a spoolie, and improve any bits that you aren’t happy with. Brush the hairs into the shape and again make sure there are no stray hairs, and now you have it! Stunning, perfectly shaped and tinted brows for a low price and low effort.

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