7 Makeup Steps To Get Perfect Glowing Makeup

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7 Makeup steps to get perfect, glowing makeup.

What is makeup?

Makeup. What actually is makeup? Why do we use it? How do we use it? Well, I’m here to answer most of the questions today. Cosmetics are formed of mixtures of chemical blends derived from either natural sources or synthetically created ones. Cosmetics have various purposes. Those conceived for personal care and skin care can be used to purify or protect the body or skin.

Makeup is popular throughout the whole world, displayed in different ways.

Makeup step one

First of all, we’re going to protect the skin. Use a primer once you have done your usual skincare routine, making sure your face is clean. Find one that is good for YOU and fits YOUR skin, There are many primers good for dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin and much more, you just need to find one that’s good for you.

Apply a pea-sized amount to your finger and spread evenly along the skin, making sure to rub it all in. if any excess product remains, unrubbed in, it can make the makeup go blotchy and patchy, so be careful with that!

Makeup step two

Once you have prepped the skin, were going to start with eyebrows. There are many ways to do your eyebrows, filling them in and concealing them to create “block brows” or “Instagram brows”, or there are natural brows with just a bit of eyebrow gel, but since I’m talking about my makeup routine and steps today, I am going to talk about “soap brows” or some call them “fluffy brows”.

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You can either use your average bar of soap, which I will tell you about in a minute, or you can purchase brow soap ready-made. If you use a normal bar of soap, same as me, there are many strategies you can use. Personally, I use hairspray, as it allows the eyebrow strands to stick easier and softer, so I just spray a bit of hairspray onto a bar of Pears soap, get a spoolie and brush the hairs upwards.

Once all hairs and firmly stuck, take the stick end of your spoolie and run over the brows, in the direction they are already going, making sure that they are stuck firmly. Once you are definitely happy with the shape of your brows, wipe off the excess soap around them with a damp cotton bud, cotton wool or anything to remove makeup.

Once you have done that, grab your concealer and a small brush, and carve out the bottom of your brow, into a stunning, sleek shape. Once carved out, if needed, take any colour to match your eyebrow and fill in anywhere you would wish to be filled in.

Makeup step 3

Now we’re moving on to base makeup. We will start with the foundation and so on and so on.

First of all, select a foundation that is suitable for you, one that matches your skin tone, has the right formulae for your skin, one under your budget etc. I use Hudda Beauty foundation, and I 100% recommend it! Once you’ve got your foundation, it’s time to start.

You can use many things to apply foundation from blenders and brushes, even to your fingers! Apply a small amount, but enough to cover your face and blend into your neck, onto the back of your hand. When I’m trying to save time, or get through it a bit quicker, I just take the foundation off my hand, and rub it onto my fave nice and evenly with my fingers. This can also be done using a brush too.

Once the foundation is on, I use my wet beauty blender and dab it all around my face, making sure every part is blended. This can help prevent blotches and patches.

Makeup step 4

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It’s time to shape shift! Lets contour!

There are many things you can use to contour, cream pallets, darker concealer with a lighter one and many more. I love the sleek contour pallet, it is an amazing cream contour pallet that is really easy to use and has a great colour range.

Get the darkest shade, and use a contour brush highlighting the places you want to be the darkest, and then the second most dark shade and highlight other shades you want to contour. Take your concealer and go down the fridge of your nose, under eyes and edge of eyes going up, and anywhere else that suits your face. Take a liquid brush and liquid highlighter as well if you want to finish it off.

makeup step 5

Now it’s time to set your wet products and bake. Many people ditched baking a few years back, but for that sharp under-eye sleek, especially if I’m wearing eyeshadow.

I take some matt translucent powder and go over the areas I last concelled, making the contoured edges sharp and sleek. I Then go over my contoured areas with a bronzer and blush wherever I applied the liquid blush. Sometimes, to make sure everywhere is set, I take a big fluffy brush with a dab of setting powder, and gently wipe it all over my face.

After this you can go over with a setting spray if you’d like and it makes the base stick in for a lot longer.#

Makeup step 6

At this point, you would usually apply eyeshadow, but I’m focusing more on everyday makeup, so I’m not going to add that in today but if you want to, that is completely up to you!

At this point, we are going to make your eyelashes look stunning! If you’d like, you can start by curling them, I recommend not heating up your eyelash curler with a hairdryer or lighter, as it can burn your lashes causing them to become crispy or even burn off.

Now take a mascara, whatever you would like your lashes to look like (fuller, longer, darker, etc.) and apply a coat or two onto your lashes making them look gorgeous!

Makeup step 7

One last thing to do is set your makeup, using a spray. This is optional and completely up to you, but if you’d like your makeup to have a longer effect and long last.

And that’s you done! you can do any touches you’d like to add like false lashes, eyeliner and much more! You will look even more stunning now!

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