Still game – The amazing iconic Scottish TV show

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Still Game. The iconic Scottish TV show that everyone has heard of at least once. Maybe you hear your friend say a funny quote, and someone questions, “what’s that from?” and the answer is “What! It’s still game!”. Or maybe you have just heard people talking around school and work about how good, funny and … Read more

Benidorm – The Number 1 Amazing, British Comedy Show

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Benidorm. What comes to mind when someone says the word ‘Benidorm’? Does the sunny, popular holiday destination come to mind, or does the hilarious, rib-splitting British tv show come to mind.?The Garveys, Mel, the oracle, Mateo, and all other character’s funniest and worst moments from their yearly holiday to ‘The Solana’ in Benidorm are on … Read more