Spooky Halloween Cakes That Taste Delicious But Will Be ReadyIin 50 Minutes

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Spooky Halloween Cakes that taste delicious but will be ready in 50 minutes!

Halloween. It’s almost time. It’s almost time to look our old witches’ hats and vampire cloaks out of the back of the cupboard. Time to light the pumpkin candles, get some The Monster Mash playing and start carving funny or spooky faces into our pumpkins. It is finally time to wrap the fake, cotton cobb webs down the staircase bannister and try to convince your friend to do matching duo costumes. The spooky season is finally upon us. It is Halloween.

As soon as it turns the 1st of October at 12; 00 am, everyone is in the mood to search on Pinterest for “cute but scary witch” Or “duos besties Halloween costumes”. But sadly, we all know there is a full 31 days to practice our jokes, 31 days before we can get into our costumes and get ready to party with our friends, or chap people’s door and end up with mountains of candy at the end of the night.

Well, take advantage of the 31 days! So cute, fun and exciting spooky activities in the leading up 31 days. Maybe you want to visit a haunted house or haunted maze. Maybe you want to go pumpkin picking, take cute selfies and then carve them, whilst roasting the seeds and watching a bit of hocus pocus in the background! Well, today I will tell you the recipe for the best, Halloween cakes that you can make whilst have the best Halloween fun day in!

Only taking around 15 minutes to prepare, 25 to bake and then 10 to decorate, it gives everyone a great time and then after, everyone enjoys eating it! So, let’s get our aprons on, play some Michael Jackson Thriller and let’s get baking!

Halloween Cake Ingredients!

Before we start baking, you might want to know what ingredients it is that make this cake taste dreamy!

To make our delicious sponge base, all you will need is;

  • 150 grams of margarine
  • 150 grams of castor Sugar
  • 150 grams of SR Flour
  • 3 mediums eggs

That is all you need to make a golden, soft, sponge cake! Although it is your choice if you want to add any flavourings like vanilla, orange or cocoa powder, that is your choice! If it is a liquid flavouring, add 2.5 ml or 5 ml to your batter, depending on how strong you would like the flavour to be. If you would like cocoa powder, add 15 ml or 20ml to your batter!

And the ingredients for our decoration;

  • Jam (flavour of your choice, I recommend raspberry. If you are adding a flavour to your cake, you may want to avoid adding the Jam.
  • Buttercream (if you are doing a flavoured sponge, you can add flavouring into this if you would like)
  • Fondant icing
  • Sprinkles

That is it! That is all the ingredients you need for your cake to be bursting with flavour.

Halloween Cakes equipment!

This is a very simple recipe that will not take too much equipment, so you will not get bored doing all of the washing up!

To make our cake you will need;

  • Grease paper
  • 2 round cake tins
  • fork
  • cup
  • wooden spoon
  • metal spoon
  • small bowl
  • large bowl
  • weighing scales
  • measuring spoons

That’s all! You may pick up extra equipment throughout the recipe, however, in the meantime, let’s get baking!

Halloween Cakes Method!

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Start by lining up two round cake tins with grease-proof paper.

Then, weigh out all of your flour into a small bowl and proceed to sieve it onto a small plate. Once you have done that, crack your eggs into a cup and whisk them with a fork.

Then grab your large bowl and weigh out your margarine and sugar and then add it all into the large bowl, and cream them together with a wooden spoon until it is a light and creamy mixture. If you aren’t sure how to cream margarine and sugar together, click here to watch a video on how to do to it!

Then gradually add a bit of your whisked egg, and a bit of your sieved SR flour. Fold this through, until it looks smooth again, and repeat it. Add in a bit more egg and a bit more flour then stir until it is all combined. Keep doing this until you have none left, or until you feel it is ready.

Once the mixture is smooth, fluffy and has no lumps, evenly spread the mixture between the two tubs and smooth the top of your spatula until it is all flat and even.

Pop the cakes in the oven to bake for about 25 minutes until they are spongy and golden brown on top, and springy to the touch! If you want to check the middle, just stick a knife through and make sure no mixture comes out as then it is still raw inside.

Remove your sponges from inside the tin and place them onto a cooling rack, this way they will cool quicker and we can get to the fun part quicker!

Spread the jam and buttercream once your sponges are cool. If you’d like, you can file off the top layer using a knife of the cakes to make them have a flat surface on both sides.

Sandwich them together with the jam and buttercream, and let’s get decorating!

You can colour your fondant at this point, you will need a base colour and then a colour of fondant or a few, that you can make your decorations with.

Coat your cake with a thin layer of buttercream icing, and then roll out your fondant and lie it over a large bowl. You may need icing sugar to make it less sticky when using it. Lay the spread-out fondant over the cake and then spread it evenly, making sure it covers the whole cake.

Carve out decorations and decorate your cake! If you need help carving decorations or ideas, just click here to get help!

And once you have decorated your Halloween cake, it’s all done! We hope you enjoyed making this and enjoy eating it! Happy Halloween!

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