The Best IPTV Service Provider Of All Time Has Been Right Under Your Nose

Best IPTV Service Provider

It is no surprise more and more people these days are looking to find the best IPTV service provider on the market, all people ask is they are reliable and they are easy on the pocket. No one wants to spend a small fortune on tv channels these days with so many other bills needing to be paid.

best iptv service provider
best IPTV service provider

If you were like me and had to trial and test tens of hundreds of different providers you will know how tiresome it can get, you just want someone to point you in the right direction pretty much straight away and just say “try these guys over here they are good!“.

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But instead, you need to signup on countless websites, then take a 24 or 48-hour trial to see if their service is any good and in most cases you need to pay for the free trial (which is how a lot of the scummy lower grade garbage providers make their money).

Here is a small tip when looking for the best IPTV service provider, do NOT use any website that has disabled or does not offer trials first, this is a red flag straight away take it from me, any provider worth their salt will offer a trial.

After many months (and I mean many lol) I have finally found a service that is not only extremely reliable but has the best customer service I have ever seen, most can be quite distant in their answers or just generally unhelpful, these guys are top-notch and they have the Trustpilot reviews to prove it.

These guys do not like a lot of attention so I won’t post their URL on here, if you want to read more you can click on one of the red boxes above or below or you can follow this link. I have been testing them out since December 2020 and I am very impressed with their service.

They recently had to slow down taking on new customers as their backlog was getting too big, this is the sign of a company that is willing to go above and beyond to make sure everyone gets the same fair treatment and reliable service.

There are currently 4 different package sizes you can order (not including the 3-day trial) it is not always a good idea to go by a service providers trial as a rule of thumb (in terms of stream quality), as they can easily make the trial perform better than the full-time service.

  • 1 Month – This is a ONE Month hosting package which allows you to test drive their FULL hosting plan – comes in at €11.99.
  • 3 Month – This is the same as the 1 month but costs €25.99.
  • 6 Month – This is the same service as the other 2 above and costs €44.99.
  • 12 Month – This will cost around €79.99 for the year at the time of writing this article.

When trialling these providers I recommend everyone goes with the month to month option, you do not know what is around the corner for these service providers they could go bust at any time that is the reality of the IPTV world.

I have seen many fantastic and reliable companies vanish within a few days, which is why it is always good to pay short term, in the end, you will only be saving a few dollars, it is better to be safe than sorry.

In the IPTV world, we all just want 2 things from the streams! they should be reliable and supply stable streams that do not buffer every 5 minutes, if you have ever had that with a supplier this is a red flag yet again, it won’t get any better no matter how much you try to stick it out.

With this particular provider, you are allowed to connect twice from different devices and locations, this is a nice bonus they give you free as some other companies tend to ban you outright if you connect with more than 1 device.

That is something that has always bothered me as you can easily connect from another location by accident and when you try to explain this more times than not they don’t want to hear it and you don’t even give you your money back into the bargain.

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Best IPTV Service Provider Reddit

Reddit is a fantastic source of information on just about any topic you can think of, the users on there have a no-nonsense approach to spam and tell you how it is in no certain terms, so it is no shock to us people look to read reviews on there first these days.


You would not believe how long I have spent over the last few years testing out different IPTV providers to see who was the best, I went through at least 40, some seemed to be good to start with but they then started to go downhill rapidly.

It would start with all the channels buffering, then you would email them and get no reply, or you would get a reply weeks later which was, of course, no use, all these flags added up so, in the end, you had to just abandon ship and search for someone else to use.

You would just hope they were better than the last guys, these guys I am talking about in this article have proven themself time and time again to be top of the class in regards to their reliability and their solid streams.

I know it’s one of those times where you just need to try it out for yourself to see if it works for you but trust me, I have been testing these guys out for over a year, If I have had to contact them they have gotten back to me in just a few hours.

They cover all the channels and even have the latest PPV events, everything you can think of and more, don’t just take it from me, click the link below and read more about them if you like your sporting events and movie nights, this might be the service for you.

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