5 Tips That Help To Keep Eyelash Extensions Looking Beautiful

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5 tips that help to keep eyelash extensions looking beautiful!

Have you recently got a nice, new pair of fluffy, long eyelashes? Maybe you got an elegant set of classics, or you treated yourself to beautiful wispy hybrids? Or some cat eye Russians, but now it is time for the aftercare, and you are starting to freak out. Are you currently scanning the internet for, “How do I safely clean my eyelash extensions” Or “what can cause my new lashes to fall out” Well, don’t you worry, I will tell you everything you need to know to keep your lashes in perfect shape and make sure they stay on to get your money worth!

Eyelash tip no. 1

The first tip is to get a lash cleanser or lash shampoo to start with. Many lash salons do sell these, or you can get one online, if you would like to purchase one of these cleansers, just click here!

These are a lot better than using an oil-free soap (which we will get to in another tip!) Get the brush that comes with your kit, and gently massage a few pumps of cleanser onto your lashes! Do not go rough or fast as this can cause them to pull out or tear them! You can use any oil-free soap, but I recommend you invest in a cleansing shampoo!

Eyelash tip no. 2

The next tip is to avoid getting them wet for 24-48 hours. Now I know this seems like a simple, pretty straightforward tip, but it is harder to follow than you think! When your washing your face you need to stay clear of your lashes, and you need to avoid showering (if you need to, a good tip is to wear snorkelling or swimming goggles in the shower to keep the water away)

But you need to watch things like steam from the oven or steam from the kettle can affect your lashes. Steam, water or anything that has water near it is dangerous, and you need to be careful with your lashes. The worst damage you can do is the shower, but steam can be dangerous as well!

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Eyelash tip no. 3

The third tip is to stay away from oil-based products! Oil-based products can be damaging and weakening to the glue holding the lashes in! Check any soaps, moisturisers, eye creams or sun cream. Again, as I mentioned, when cleansing your eyelashes, you need to make sure you stay away from any soaps that have oil in them! Again, going back to the first tip, it is defiantly eyelash shampoo for the win!

Eyelash tip no. 4

Another tip to keep your lashes fluffy and dreamy is to stay away from sunbeds. Similar to water, for the first 24 to 48 hours, sunbeds can be very dangerous for new extensions. They won’t be the best thing to get the whole time you have extensions, but they are even worse for the first couple of days!

This has to do with the heat and moisture, so try and stay away, at least just for the first couple of days to keep your lashes looking gorgeous!

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Eyelash tip no. 5

The fifth and final tip to keep your lashes gorgeous is to clean them regularly! I recommend around 2 to 3 times a week, not too often that they will start to fall out but not too little that they will get grungy and dirty! If you wear makeup, makeup can start to build up in the lashes, which can cause damage to your extensions and natural lashes!

As I have mentioned a couple of times, you can either use a lash shampoo or just an oil-based cleanser!

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