Top 3 things to do in Dubai- one of my favourite places!

Dubai is one of the most known Luxury, with the expensive shops and huge shopping centres, the extremely impressive architecture including the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, the stunning views of the Marina, and so much more. I recently took a trip to Dubai, and I am going to tell you the top 3 things that you can do. These are perfect if you are looking for family friendly activities, but they are also perfect for lads holidays, girls trips, couple holidays, etc, they can be made to suit your occasion!


No.1- Aura Skypool Dubai!

Starting off strong with one of my absolute favourite activates that I done while visiting AUE. The Skypool has a rocketing 4.7 stars, but I am not surprised in the slightest! The staff were all so helpful, the beautiful views from all 4 sides of the building, and so much more! Let me talk you through what happened when I reached the Aura Skypool.

When I reached the Aura Skypool, we were easily directed up to the 50th floor of the building- yes, that’s right, 50 floors ! I was shocked when I first heard too! Once you reach the floor, a staff member takes your name and you are shown to your bed where you have complimentary gifts! On our visit, we were given a tote bag, with a fan (which is definitely needed in Dubai), and a wash bag! This even made my visit, and I had only been there for 5 minutes!

There are 4 different views you can book- the Burj Al Arab View, City Skyline View, Marina & Ain Dubai View, and the Palm view. You can also book what row of sunbeds you want to book, and what time off day- sunrise which is 6am to 9am, morning which is 10am to 2pm, afternoon which is 3pm to 7pm, and evening which is 8pm to 11pm. Different times, bookings, areas, rows, all of this can differ the price of your booking.

This day out may seem a little pricey, but this was honestly one of the best things that I done in my full trip, and It was 100% worth the price. I would definitely return and recommend to friends!

The food and drink at the pool were also amazing and completed the visit, making it 10 out of 10. We ordered smoothies and a fruit platter, as we went for the morning but all of the other food looked absolutely amazing! The fruit was so fresh and so full of flavour, like I said literally everything about the visit to the Skypool was amazing !

To book the Aura Skypool Dubai, click on this link here!

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Top 3 things to do in Dubai- one of my favourite places!

No.2- Top Golf Dubai!

Top Golf was another one of my favourite activities that I took part in while I was in Dubai! We done this at night after a nice day relaxing at the pool, and this amazing game at night! You can chose your times, have delicious food and drink, there is a range of different games, and so much more!

This trip is perfect for a family day out, there is many different style of games including In the signature game, players score points by hitting balls into any target where the more accurate your shot and the farther the distance, the more points you earn! Also other games like angry birds, closest to the hole, top drive, and more! You can ask staff to help you pick a game on your skill level, your group, and more!

The food is amazing, from mac and cheese bites, to nachos, to burgers, to pizza, everything you could imagine is on the menu, and it is all so good priced! Many places in Dubai’s menu is high priced however Top Golf have it all at such an amazing price and tastes unreal, I especially recommend the Mac n cheese bites!

No.3- Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai.

Yet again one of the best days during my trip to Dubai, Atlantis’ hotel Aquaventure waterpark was amazing! The world’s largest waterpark, home to over 105 record-breaking slides, attractions, and experiences. Slide in and make memories and waves at Aquaventure Waterpark!

There were 3 main towers at this amazing waterpark, Neptune Tower, Poseidon Tower​, Trident Tower. Neptune tower is the first one you will come up on when entering the park. It features many great rides like the famous ‘Leap of faith’, ‘shark attack’ where you end the ride in a tube surrounded by sharks and sea animals, and a group of different level slides named stinger, falls, plunge, surge and the storm. All of these rides were different to one another and equally great, however my favourite was plunge!

The second tower is Poseidon tower, which consists of Poseidon’s revenge, a drop ride that results in looping upside down, zoomerango, a fun filled family ring, sliterine, the worlds first twin racing water tube slide, and Aquaconda, another family ring with many twists, turns and dark tunnels meaning you won’t know what is coming next!

Last but certainly not least, Trident Tower. This tower holds Oddesy off terror, the worlds tallest waterslide that will drop you unexpectedly, shockwave, hydra racer, one of my favourites in the whole park as it is so different, racing your friends and family on your belly, Blackout, known as the ‘scarier sister’ to the leap of faith, medusas lair, and vortex!

The water park is also super in terms of lockers, staff, food. All service is perfect, they even hand out socks that you can wear, as many of you know how much the ground heats up to protect your feet! You can pay for lockers to store your stuff- a small locker can fit a large beach bag, so do not under estimate, you can also pay for towels to keep on sunbeds at the sides of the pools!

We bought the tickets that included the trip to the aquarium which was also super worth it, I really recommend paying a little bit extra to finish your day of fun like this!

To book a trip to Atlantis Aquaventure, click on this link here!

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