Summer sausage rolls- 20 minute perfect picnic bit!

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Summer sausage rolls- 20 minute perfect picnic bit!

What food do you instantly think of when I say picnic? I am sure we all thought of the same thing there- mini sausage rolls! They are always the first thing lifted out when their is sunshine in the sky, perfect for kids play dates, afternoon tea, picnics, in the middle of the table as a ‘picky bit’ when it is hot and sunny- no matter what summer event you are planning when the hot weather comes- these mini sausage rolls can fit right in!

They are so easy to make, with very few ingredients! They only take 15 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook! This summer recipe makes 20 sausage rolls but you can alter the recipe for more or less- it is up to you. So, have I convinced you yet? Let’s get cooking!

Summer sausage rolls- ingredient list!

Easy Mini Sausage Roll Recipe
Summer sausage rolls- ingredient list!

There are so little ingredients need to make these mini bite rolls and that just makes them even better! They are soooo easy to make, here is the list of ingredient’s that you need to make them;

-2 large skinless chicken breasts
-1 garlic clove (make sure you crush the garlic)
-3 rashers of streaky bacon, that are thinly sliced
-4 sundried tomatoes (you will chop these)
-a handful of basil leaves, chopped
-375g/ 13oz pack ready rolled puff pastry
-flour used for dusting
-1 egg yolk beaten using a fork or a whisk
-25 grams of sesame seeds

That is literally it! That is all you need in order to make these tasty, summery, sausage roll bites!

Summer sausage rolls- method!

Step 1
Start off by preparing your chicken. Weigh it out and measure and crush your garlic, then whizz the chicken and garlic in a processor until the chicken is minced. Once it is all minced, pop in the bacon, sundried tomatoes and basil. Pulse it all for 3 to 5 seconds in order to ensure it is all mixed through. Season it with salt and pepper.

Step 2
Lightly sprinkle a bit of flour onto a surface. Roll the pastry sheet out (on the dusted part of counter) and split it in half length ways. Grab your blended chicken mixture and spread half the chicken mixture along the middle of one of the pastry strips, then roll up the pastry, pinching the ends together to seal. Grab a sharp kitchen knife and go along your roll cutting them into roughly 2.5 cm pieces. You should get around 10 out each log.

Step 3
Repeat the last step- spreading the chicken mix and slicing it into 2.5 cm pieces- on the other half of your strip of pastry. Again, you should get roughly around another 10 out of this second strip again. These uncooked rolls can be kept for up to 1 month frozen.

Step 4
Heat oven to 200C/ 180C fan/ gas 6. Place your sausage rolls spread out on a large baking sheet. Beat your egg and using a pastry brush, cover the top of your rolls with the egg mix, sprinkle seeds over the top. Once your oven has heated, pop these in the oven for roughly 17-20 minutes until they are fully cooked in the middle and the outside is golden brown. Using a fish slice to lift them off of the tray, pop them on a plate and your mini, summery sausage rolls are ready to serve!

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