Shrek 1 – An Awesome And Trustworthy Review

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Shrek 1- an awesome and trustworthy review!

Shrek. My all time favourite movie as a kid, and let me be honest, it still is! It’s hilarious jokes that will have you in stitches they are so funny, no matter what age, heart warming moments and themes that bring the movie all together, and not to mention the big, green skinned, intimidating yet heart felt ogre with a Scottish ogre that is running about wrecking the place!

With 4.8 stars out of 5, I am sure I am not the only person that loves this film so much, and I am sure if you haven’t already saw it, I will convince you to watch it and you also will fall in love with it!

Shrek- summary!

The movie, well the first one, there is 3 other movies based off the same charecters continuing on the story after which isn’t including many other special clips like the Halloween and Christmas specials, the movie is about a large, green-skinned, physically intimidating ogre with a Scottish accent, on a quest to find the one and only princess Fiona from the dragons castle, yet the movie has a few twists and turns that trust me, you will not expect!

However, Shrek was not alone on his journey and was joined by his one and only amazing side kick, the one and only donkey. He is annoying, funny, and as he likes to call himself throughout the movie, he is Shrek’s noble steed. He calls himself this after him and his ogre companion rescue Princess Fiona from the Dragons tower, and Fiona refers to him as the green skinned, Scottish ogre’s ‘Noble steed’. Even though this does boost donkeys ego too much, it makes us love him even more.

However as the movie continues, we begin to see Donkey, or ‘noble steed’ does not actually hate the evil dragon, and maybe they could be more in the future? I guess you will just need to watch and find out.

Shrek cast!

The cast is all suited perfectly to their charecters in the awesome movie, and this just makes it even better making it become a complete 10 out of 10.

  • Mike Myers who plays Shrek himself, the blind mice and the narrator.
  • Cameron Diaz who plays Princess Fiona, our favourite princess ogre.
  • Eddie Murphy who plays the one and only Donkey.
  • Cody Cameron who plays Pinocchio and the voice of the 3 little piggys.
  • Conrad Vernon- the ginger bread man.
  • John Lithgow- The very little, evil villain of our story Lord Farquaad

There is many more important charecters who play a successful role in the movie, but these are pretty much the main ones, for the first of the four movies anyway!

Shrek- ratings and reviews from the public!

Here is some extra information that may help you realise that no matter if your looking for a movie to watch on a family movie night, a night in with friends, or even if your just cozied up on a rainy, Sunday afternoon, this is 1000% the right movie for you!

  • Rating: PG (Some Crude Humor|Mild Language)
  • Genre: Kids & family, Comedy, Fantasy, Animation
  • Original Language: English

Here are some comments and statements for reviews from the public.

‘Shrek has a positive message about accepting yourself for who you are.’

’20 years later, Shrek remains a timeless animated classic thanks to its exceptional, highly-entertaining story, which comes packed with a multitude of amusing moments, and marvellous, fleshed-out characters that have you engaged every step of the way.’

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Shrek 1- an awesome and trustworthy review!

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