Psychology in crime- top 2 reasons.

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There are many causes of crime that raise moral issues in psychology factors. In this essay, it will discuss environmental influences such as poverty and upbringing and psychological factors such addiction and mental health. These are when crime is caused by your brain and different ways of thinking. There is a failure in psychological development somewhere in their life, they were exposed to negative learned behaviours, they inherited negative traits, or it is related to mental illness.


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Being addicted to drugs or alcohol could be a form of self-medication to some individuals who have had difficult life experiences, ACES or are stuck in a cycle of generational substance abuse from parents.

Being under the influence of drugs will affect the individuals thought process and their ability to make good decisions such as becoming more aggressive and violent towards others. One moral issue raised by addiction is that it raises questions about if we should be punishing those who are suffering from substance abuse if we don’t always know their circumstances?

Psychology includes four major areas: Clinical psychology (counselling for mental and behavioural health), cognitive psychology (the study of the mental processes), behavioural psychology (understanding behaviour through different types of conditioning), and biopsychology (research on the brain, behaviour, and evolution).

There might be a reason/cause behind their behaviour(1KU). A religious response to this moral issue is by Christian’s who view that in the New Testament Jesus taught forgiveness and compassion so everyone has a second
chance (1KU). This then means that an implication of this religious view is that if we do not give those with addiction the support, they need we are going against the Christian perspective that God supports helping those with addiction step away from temptation and that we should help with this work too.

This then shows that an implication of this religious view is that Christians would then help in
community rehabilitation services as this would then support those who are struggling with drugs and reform them back into society an example of this is the Salvation Army.

Mental health

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Another psychological cause of crime is mental health. It’s important to note that not all with mental health issues are involved with crime however, certain factors can increase the chances for those with mental health issues committing crime. Some mental health issues, particularly those with affecting impulse and judgement, which can lead to individuals to engage in impulsive and potentially criminal actions.

One moral issue raised by mental health as a cause of crime is if individuals do not have access to appropriate mental health care, who should be held morally responsible for the consequences, including potential criminal behaviour?

A religious Psychology response to this moral issue is that Christians believe that we are all God’s children so we are all equal in
the eyes of God, everyone’s the same. This then means that an implication of this religious view is that Christian communities may emphasise the importance of supporting individuals with mental health challenges. This support can include prayer and counselling.

This then shows that an implication of this religious view is that Christians may engage in efforts to spread the awareness about mental health issues within their communities, reducing stigma and fostering a more supportive environment.

This then shows that an implication of this religious psychology view is that Buddhists believe in the potential for personal transformation and liberation from suffering. When mental health issues contribute to criminal behaviour, there may be an emphasis on rehabilitation and supporting individuals in their journey toward positive change.

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