Pianoforall Review – This Brilliant Course Teaches You To Play The Piano Perfectly

Pianoforall Review

I must say at one point in time learning to play the piano was on my bucket list to do, along with sky diving and trying to master surfing I did none of those but the one I wanted to do was learn the piano out of them all, this course from pianoforall.com seems to be the most proven method to learn.

pianoforall review
pianoforall review

If you are serious about learning to play the piano and want to learn from experts in the field but don’t want to or can’t travel to places to learn then this just might be the course for you.

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They cover all styles of piano playing, these include in no particular order, these are all covered quite thoroughly in the courses:

  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Ballads
  • Classical
  • Improvisation

Here is a sample piano lesson for you to download and see the type of training you will undertake once you enrol in the course. It is best to try and focus on one piano style at a time to avoid confusion while you are learning.

The course is created by an expert piano player called Robin Hall, he has created a style of learning the piano that has taught thousands of people, he starts with the method of playing the piano by ear then upgrades you to learning from the sheets.

You don’t need a full grand piano to begin learning but you will need a basic keyboard to get started, below are some of the books you will be learning and the piano style for each, once you finish with the course you will practically be an expert thanks to Robin.

You will also learn using songs you will have heard before and will instantly recognize, with each day you will get more and more comfortable with your abilities and will no longer need to refer to the books or sheets as you will know it by heart (that is the plan anyway!)

Since Robin started to teach the piano back in 2005 he has constantly revised his teaching techniques to keep up with the modern world making sure to use songs that best illustrate the proper way to learn the piano, no one has been doing it longer than him.

He is also a whizz with the keyboard as well as the piano, which is not what he started out doing professionally he was a cartoonist before, but he followed his dream to teach piano which has been a great thing for not only him but his students too.

The first thing when you access the materials is not to feel overwhelmed, once you see all the available literature at your disposal it is easy to get information overload, no one expects you to learn it all, especially Robin just take your time and go at your speed.

The skills you will learn in the course is what you would learn if you studied music in university or college but in such a way Robin has cut out all the middle and useless parts to give you just the much-needed strategy to master each style of piano, learning the piano or any instrument for that matter is a great thing.

pianoforall course
pianoforall course

Don’t worry if you feel you are falling behind in learning, the whole idea of the course is for you to go at your own pace, all the learning materials are not going anywhere you can rewind, watch and follow along as many times as you need to.

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Pianoforall Course

To show you how comprehensive the course is I will lay out exactly what you get access to in the course, you will see for yourself how big it is.

  • Ebooks – If you prefer to print the course out and read at your leisure there is 10 ebooks in all covering 600 pages cram packed with knowledge.
  • Videos – Are you more of a visual learner, or combine it with your ebooks you will get access to the massive 10 hours worth of videos which at the time of writing this was 200 videos.
  • Audios – Do you prefer to listen to the course while you are walking or doing errands ther choice is yours with over 500 audio streams.

The formula they use to teach you has been proven to work, having started the course in 2003 and has over 250,000 enrolled students, you can see from those statistics how good the course is which is also backed with many positive reviews.

The course is also available to download on all popular formats from desktop computers to laptops or even on your android devices whatever you feel more comfortable using the option is there. You can listen to it on the train to work.

Pianoforall Login

You can only log in to your course from the original website which is pianoforall.com click on the link to be taken to their website, do not log in to anywhere unauthorized with your course username and password.


This is a nice and comprehensive course, they have revised the course a few times over the years with up to date music and learning styles, the great thing about learning to play the piano is whatever your age young or old there is no limit to when you want to learn to play.

If you are focused enough and have the time and passion to learn, this course will do wonders for you, it is laid out in such a way that it makes it fun to learn along, just remember time is on your side there is no rush! Click on the link below to read more I bet you will take to it like a duck to water 🙂

Remember also there is a 60-day money-back guarantee for this course, although I have yet to see anyone need it as the amount of knowledge in the course is second to none.

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