Exipure Review – Can This Simple Weight Loss Capsule Solve Your Weight Problems?

Exipure Review

For the last few weeks, I have seen nothing but people talk all over social media about the latest weight loss supplement that is supposed to give you amazing results, as with many of these types of products you can only get them from their website which is exipure.com.

exipure review
exipure review

The good thing about this product is there are no harmful chemicals, it is ALL purely natural ingredients which I always believe is far better for the body than most of the get rich quick gimmicky products sold in a lot of health stores.

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If you are anything like me after the Christmas period I tend to put on a little bit too much weight and it takes me about 6 months to lose it again are you the same?

This product consists of 8 different ingredients that have been clinically tested to burn excess calories, what is so unique about them is they burn the BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue) which other products on the market don’t seem to ever target which is why this product is one of a kind in that respect.

The capsules are very easy to swallow, they are non-GMO and contain absolutely no stimulants, and are said to be non-addictive. It is the only product of its kind in the world that uses the ingredients listed below together.

It works by shrinking or dissolving the BAT tissue in your body using the combination of the 8 ingredients in the capsules and is especially good at removing belly fat which is something I have struggled with over the years.

On women, fat goes to the hips but on men, it goes straight to the belly area which can be unsightly if you are out with friends and you are trying to suck your belly in all the time. I can see I still have a bit of a belly but it is nowhere as pronounced as before.

The recommended dose is to take 1 capsule every day with a glass of water, preferably at night so it can get working while you are sleeping. It is best for people who have excess fat that just will not disappear even with other supplements or exercise.

The average weight you can expect to lose is 25lbs in a few weeks this is on average, you should also see a reduction on your waist too before you start your course try on an article of clothing you could not get into before, then try wearing it again after 2 weeks or so to gauge your weight loss.

exipure capsules
exipure capsules

There are 30 capsules in a bottle and you are under no obligation to bulk purchase, meaning if you want to buy just 30 you can do just that they will not try to force you to buy more on checkout. but if you decide to you can buy and save on bigger orders in future.

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Exipure Ingredients List

  • Perilla – Important for good for cognitive brain health and also increases BAT burning.
  • Kudzu – Important to keep aches and pains at bay.
  • Holy Basil – Important as this is used to reduce stress.
  • White Korean Ginseng – Important to keep a healthy immune system.
  • Amur Cork Bark – Important for th estomach to aid digestion and any bloated feeling.
  • Propolis – Important as it maintains a healthy blood sugar level.
  • Quercetin – Important as it keeps blood pressure cells happy and healthy.
  • Oleuropein – Important as it improves artery health.

As you can see the 8 ingredients each have their job to do in keeping your body healthy, all of them can be found in nature, none of these has ever been linked to addiction. This is why it is also nicknamed the tropical weight loss pill.

Exipure Does It Work?

The answer to this is quite simply YES! I lost nearly a stone in 30 days and the best of it was I wasn’t even trying as hard as I should have been, my girlfriend also tried to do it and she lost a stone and a half not too bad considering.

What was also nice is we got 2 free bonus books on your first order, we ordered the 6 bottle option and got the free delivery (as it should be for that price!) the books we got were:

  • BONUS #1Day #1 Detox KickStart – A book on what you ned to do to better aid the cleansing of your internal organs using special tea concoctions, but don’t worry you will have these ingreduients in your cupboard.
  • BONUS #2Renew YOU – A book on how to properly cleanse your mind of stress and anxiety and over all just to be more calmer.

I have to say they were a pretty good read and were unexpected as I never knew you even got a bonus until they arrived with the package.


I am not usually a person who delves headfirst into the latest weight loss products, I know from experience that some work and some don’t just like relationships 🙂 when my girlfriend read about this one I was sceptical as you should be.

After losing practically a stone I was personally ready to endorse this product in this exipure review it did exactly what it said it would do lose me some weight! of course, with any product of this type you still need to eat healthily, there is no getting around that.

But I can honestly say this one did indeed live up to the hype on Trustpilot, even my girlfriend gave it the thumbs up, if you are interested in losing a little weight fast you will not go wrong with expire, click the link below to head over and read more and more importantly the reviews on their site that should say it all.

Oh and a final note to say in this exipure review is there is a 180-day money-back guarantee if you do not get the desired results you are after I don’t need it and hopefully you won’t need to either.

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