Fifa 22 Futmillionaire Trading Center Review – Can You Make Big Money With It?

Fifa 22 Futmillionaire Trading Center Review

I think it is safe to say if you have landed on this page you might just know what FIFA is, or if you don’t you will have a family member who at on time in their life has been glued to their computer or console trying to beat their friends or the computer at it, it is a way of life for some kids.

fifa 22 futmillionaire trading center review
FIFA 22 futmillionaire trading center review

You might well be wondering what the FIFA 22 futmillionaire trading center is, it is a very sophisticated trading platform where you can earn pretty big money from buying and selling coins, this has made a good few people multi-millionaires in the past.

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With this new version, they have added an auto buyer and also an auto bidder option, which has significantly improved the chances of you getting to make money in this new and improved version. You can easily make 4 figures daily if you use the software correctly.

The software is pretty easy to use, with the auto bidder option the software will scout the auctions for the best possible deals when it finds a deal that is within your parameters (this is just the amount of money you feel comfortable letting the software bid with) it will bid.

You can easily change these settings via the interface (image shown below) from what I have seen so far, this futmillionaire trading center version is by far the most efficient version they have made so far, plus it is constantly being updated.

If you were lost like me as to what FIFA coins are and how it equates to money in your pocket, you will use the software to gain coins using a series of automated actions, this is where the buyer and bidder options come into play, once you have so many thousands of these coins you can sell them for real money.

It was confusing to me at first too lol, I kept hearing about FIFA coins and seeing some of my friends use this system, I kept wondering how can digital coins be turned into real money that I can buy things with? in a way it is like bitcoin but nowhere near as hard to get.

Now you know a little more about what the software does, these are some of the features which will help you ultimately win your share of the coins on autopilot.

  • Auto trading – This is the most powerful feature, you can set the limit on how much you want to pay on the bids or how much you will sell your coins for.
  • AI trading robot – This is the creme de la creme of the software, it now has the ability to bypass a deal if it doesn’t think it is a good buy, combined these are very powerful features and make sure any losses are minimised.

As you can see the software has been made with people in mind who are not used to using this type of software or know what trading is, it kind of holds you by the hand in that respect. The software will do most of the work by doing the following.

  • Automatically scans the entire market for potential players you can buy to add to your team roster.
  • Once the software sees a good buy it will then buy the player for you and then list it automatically to see if anyone wants to buy it at a higher price.
  • Then after you sell the player, you will get coins, which you save up and exchange for real money, to put it in context at the time of writing this article 1000 coins is $240 give or take a few dollars.

So all you are doing is buying players, listing the players, selling the players, getting coins for the players and saving enough gold coins up to put real coins in your wallet, this is not like sports betting although I admit it does sound like it too the untrained eye.

Most of it nowadays is powered by the AI system which takes out a lot of the manual work associated with buying and selling, while you are sleeping or at work, if you happen to work a 9 to 5, the software can be left running to make sure you are making money 24/7.

It doesn’t matter which console you use or device you have to play FIFA on, the software will log in and do its trading on any device, this is primarily why it is so popular, also don’t worry your accounts will be 100% safe and secure.

A friend of mine currently makes around $600 per day just sitting on his behind, he is a football nut so he knows his stuff, I am not as skilled as him lol I just make less than $100 a day, don’t get me wrong that is still good, but other work commitments stop me doing it more.

fifa 22 futmillionaire trading center
FIFA 22 futmillionaire trading center

You can also network with your fellow FIFA 22 futmillionaire trading center players, there is a whole network of people who have been doing this for years now, and a good chunk has been quite successful, it is good to network as much as you can, this way you will be wiser on future trades.

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Futmillionaire AI Robot

The latest release of the software (June 2022 at the current time of writing this) has a few more features that are designed to help beginners begin to trade and get coins quickly, this has given it a far more superior edge over its competitors.


It might be a little unfair but I must be honest, I have used this software in the past to make money so I am somewhat versed in how it works, if you are looking to earn extra cash, this is probably one of the easiest ways you can do it.

You are essentially setting a few parameters in the software, letting it go and buy and sell on its own, it is pretty much that simple, it is not a golden goose, you still need to know what to set in those parameters, but training will be provided.

Plus if you get to know your fellow traders you will find they are eager to help out when you get stuck, so yes you can make money with the futmillionaire trading center, but be prepared to lose a little too, it makes the winning even more special when it happens.

I would at least give it a try, you can make money there is no denying it, how much depends on you and how much effort you put in, if you get stuck the guys will personally help, if you still are not happy you can get a refund just as easy, this is a win-win scenario.

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