Desert trips in Dubai- 1 of Dubai’s famous activities!

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Desert trips in Dubai- 1 of Dubai’s famous activities!

Are you planning a trip to Dubai and wondering if the desert safari is worth it? Or are you looking for a bit more info on the trip, if it is your idea of a good day out, what to take part in, and more, this is your ideal article! I recently took a trip to Dubai and took part in the Desert Safari and I will tell you everything you need to know if it is leading up to your visit.

Our trip to the desert lasted around 8 hours- including the car journey. We were staying on the Palm so pretty far away from the desert, about a 1 hour and 30 minute drive, therefore we were in the desert for maybe 5 hours total, but I will go into more detail about timings later!

Quad bikes- desert safari!

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The first activity that we took part in when we reached the Desert was the quad bikes- but let me go a bit before that quickly.

We got picked up in at out hotel by a car and it took around an hour and a half to get to the desert. When we reached there, we had time to use the toilet, get free cans of juice or bottles of water, purchase Arabic head scarfs, and even jewellery with your name in Arabic.

We then got shown how to work the quad bikes. We purchased the package with 1 quad each, so got showed how to work this, before we then got took out onto our quads and zoomed around the desert! It was a little bit confusing at first I will admit, but once I got used to it it was fine! However, maybe reconsider what type of quad you book depending on age etc.

This lasted about an hour, and overall it was great! It was super fun and a great way to see the desert! With all the different hills, turns, views- like wild camels- and so much more! These were definitely a great way to start off the day! However, the one thing I can say is make sure you take a rucksack as phones could fall out easy due to going so fast and also pack water as it gets so so so hot- especially on the quads due to helmets and engines!

After this ended we were back at the room with air con, complimentary drinks, we picked up our necklaces and purchased a photograph that was took while we were riding our quads! however, we then headed to a separate camp to complete the package!

Camels- desert safari!

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We headed over in the car and it took around an extra 30/40 minutes to get to the second desert, and then we reached the second camp. When we got there, we got greeted with a lady who gave our cleanser from their hand, and there was so many exciting opportunity’s to take part in to fill the rest of our day!

There was a falcon to have photos took with, a beautiful place to view the sunset, baby camels that had a basket of food for feeding, and more. Then, we all got on a camel and went a short stroll across a bit of land on the desert. This was super fun but I was also a bit scared at first, but if you hold on to the handle bars then there is nothing to be scared of ! This again made the experience so good and so worth it, a once in a lifetime opportunity! Again I loved this experience and it definitely was my favourite part of the visit to the desert!

Once we finished our experience with the camel we were shown around the camp a little bit more, there were some shops that had made special frames with pictures that had been took during your camel ride, Arabic perfume that was hand made there on the camp, Arabic culture outfits and more! These are the only things you need to pay for in the second camp.

You also have full free access to their chicha lounge where you could visit, also to stargaze, also there was access to free henna tattoos to anyone and you could go visit to get free henna done! This whole section was super cool as it showed more of their culture and was a great experience for any tourists visiting Dubai!

Dinner and entertainment!- desert safari!

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Dinner and entertainment!- desert safari!

We were provided with dinner after our camel ride, it was a buffet also with a barbecue with food from their culture, for example different kebabs, different rice’s, pita bread, lentil soup, beef meatballs, and so much more Arabic culture food! They also brought out a second buffet for dessert with date cake and caramel sauce, which was so tasty my mouth is watering just thinking about it, fresh fruit, and more delicious desserts!

Again, there was containers with lots of free cans of juice and water which was great as it was still super warm and this just shows how great the service was! I got my henna tattoo done and took a little wander around just after the dinner as there was some time between this and the entertainment!

The entertainment- Duabi!

After dinner there was entertainment from Arabic culture, with dancers, fire performance and a chance to treat your eyes to the mesmerizing beauty of Arabian Horses as they show off their skills and talent.

We booked our desert safari trip through OceanAir and it all went perfectly, such friendly staff, the food was delicious and all of the activities that were set up for the day were amazing, good fun, and family friendly! If you would like to book with this company which I really recommend, click this link here!

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Desert trips in Dubai- 1 of Dubai’s famous activities!

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