Royal Numerology Review – Does It Live Up To The Amazing Scores?

Royal Numerology Review

Here we have another numerology program that has been getting a lot of attention lately, numerology is simply the belief that certain numbers in your life can dictate the path your life will take, kind of like the images on Tarot cards, but can they?

royal numerology review
royal numerology review

We did a similar moon reading review which is along the same lines as this one, but by a different specialist in the field, more and more of these readings are popping up all over the internet, some are good and some need to stick to their day jobs it seems.

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FREE Royal Numerology Reading

Like other similar services, this one is also FREE to use, there is an upgrade option to get a full in-depth report but you are not by any means forced to do so, it is mainly for people who just want to dig a little further into their reading.

The man behind it is a gentleman called Aidan Powers, he is one of the world’s most known experts in the numerology field and has many years doing this under his belt.

With the help of his custom made charts he combines astrology with numerology to get some of the best and most accurate readings in the business, it has long been believed by many cultures that numbers play as big a role in spirituality as words do.

What happens is you will select your birth month, then you will be prompted to enter a few more details, just the standard your full name and email address (You must enter a valid email to get your report sent to you!).

You will then get your report delivered to you via email, the one you entered when you began your report, the report will show you things such as:

  • What is your abilities and how to maximize them to the fullest.
  • What is your relationships like and how to improve them.
  • What oppertunities are you missing out on.

And more, it is up to you to then use this as a guide to change your life for the better, thousands of people have reported good luck and even more, financial success when they changed or amended their life to follow this guide.

It’s ultimately about manifestation, this is the belief that if you harness the power of astrology and other factors you can make good things happen in your life which ultimately comes from the universe, this belief is very popular.

The Mayans were big believers in astrology, although their 2012 end of the world prediction was a little off they did get a lot of other things right, like the Egyptians their temples were not aligned by accident everything was done with precision and accuracy regarding seasons and eclipses.

The good thing is you don’t need to be a mathematics whizz to decipher your reading, Aidan will do all that for you in a report style format so you can see at a glance the things you can change to better things in your life.

The results from the readings are nearly 80% accurate, as it is a numbers game there is room for error, but from what we have seen the percentage of wrong or inaccurate reading has been pretty low. Let the numbers do all the talking.

You do not need to be a die-hard believer in this sort of service, go in with an open mind and see for yourself what he has to say, I must say it is fascinating how some people just have a talent for these types of things.

He is not a psychic by any means, he is just using data freely available to generate you a report on things the numbers are telling him about you, he may say things like:

  • Get that new car you were thinking of getting.
  • Ask him or her out on a date.
  • Leave your job to go work somewhere else.
  • Start your own business like you have always dreamed about.

Of course, you do not need to follow his advice, but sometimes you need someone to tell you what is staring you in the face the whole time, what you are better doing, ultimately the decision is up to you, just remember we are here for a short time on this earth do what makes you happy.

royal numerology
royal numerology

It will come to you in 2 x .pdf format (you will get 2 parts) so you can easily print it off or transfer it to your kindle or phone so you can keep it handy and read it at your leisure.

The first one will have your name on the front which will contain detailed information about your future, and the second called the (Pinnacle Period Guide) is there to show you predictions in your future.

If you do go for the full detailed report there is also an option to get a refund if you are not satisfied with it, all your report details will be stored online.

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Once again it is hard to come up with anything bad when it comes to getting a free reading when searching royal numerology review very little came up so I dived in to get see what it was all about, I was impressed I will say that.

I still do not like to publish my reading online (as I don’t want to jinx it) but I will if enough people want me to, this is a great little service, I would encourage you to click the link below and see what numerology has in store for you.

Do not be scared or hesitant you have absolutely nothing to lose but you might have much to gain, a new car, a new relationship on the horizon? only time (and this report will tell!) see if it will manifest good things into your life.

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