Ice coffee ideas- 3 amazing coffee ideas for summer.

Ice coffee ideas- 3 amazing coffee ideas for summer.

Summer is the time for cool, ice drinks. Winter consists of hot chocolate, tea and hot steamy cappuccinos, however one of the things I look most forward to about summer each year might just be the refreshing feeling of washing down food with the amazing flavours of caramel, the creaminess’ of whipped coffee and so much more.

Well, if your looking for tips on how to make an amazing ice coffee, then keep on reading this article which tells you my top 3 recipes to make amazing, refreshing coffees this summer.

Creamy whipped ice coffee- recipe 1

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Creamy whipped ice coffee- recipe 1

This recipe is one of my all time favourites. It is so different to any other type of coffee, the texture is amazing, the taste, everything about it is so tasty, not to mention how quick and easy it is to make! This recipe takes 8 minutes to make, and only requires 3 ingredients, so what are we waiting for!

There is barely any ingredients needed yet this coffee is still bursting with flavour, so here is the list of ingredients you require;
3 tbsp instant coffee
2 tbsp sugar
400-500ml milk (we used whole milk)
You can also add in syrup for example vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, if you want to add an extra bit of flavour, however this is not necessary.

Whipped coffee method;
This method is super easy and quick to follow, so let us get started!

Step 1
First thing is first we are going to whip our coffee. Whisk the coffee, sugar and 3 tbsp boiling water in a bowl for approximately 5 mins until the mixture is thick and fluffy with stiff peaks. If you want to add in any syrup then add a little less water, and some syrup in just now. It is easier to whisk this using an electric hand whisk, and it will speed up the process but if you don’t have one then a hand whisk works as well.

Step 2
For hot coffee, heat the milk on a medium heat on the stove for several minutes and pour into two heatproof glasses. For cold coffee, pour the cold milk into two glasses and add in ice cubed if you want it extremely cold, but this may water it down so I do not recommend this. Divide the coffee mixture in half and spoon evenly on top of the glasses. Serve and stir thoroughly before drinking.

and your whipped coffee s ready to be enjoyed!

Ice caramel macchiato- recipe 2

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Ice caramel macchiato- recipe 2

The next recipe is an amazing caramel macchiato. This is one of the most common iced coffees and I can certainly see why as it is also one of the best ones! Again it is literally so simple to make and only has a few ingredients and a few steps. So let’s get started!

You need barely any ingredients again yet it is still bursting with flavour and tastes amazing! Here is the list of ingredients that you need to make this drink;
two scoops of ice
250ml of milk- we use whole milk.
2 tbsp of vanilla syrup
2 shots espresso or 50ml strong coffee
2 tbsp caramel sauce

Fill two long glasses with ice, and drizzle caramel sauce around the glass. Divide the milk and vanilla syrup between them before mixing the syrup into the milk.

Pouring the shot slowly off the middle of the side of the glass, going into the milk (doing it this way will separate it before mixing). Pour an espresso shot into each glass, then drizzle with the caramel sauce before serving.

Classic ice latte- recipe 3

The last one is a simple, classic ice latte as sometimes there is nothing better than that comfort drink! For the amazing recipe for this coffee, click on this link here!

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for more recipes and articles just like this one click on this link here.

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